Procedure for Onion Export Transitional Provisions of FTP Para 1.05 to be Followed

      LC Opened before date of Restriction to be honoured, Export Allowed after Ban

[JNCH Standing Order No. 19 /2019 dated 09.10.2019]

The following Standing Order was published by the commissioner of JNCH Customs (NS-II) on 9 October 2019

Subject: Standard Operating Procedure for Export of Onion as per para 1.05 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020.

Attention of all concerned officers is invited to Notification No. 21/2015-2020 dated 29.09.2019 issued by the DGFT whereby export of Onions has been prohibited with immediate effect. Transitional provisions as laid out in Para 1.05 of the Foreign Trade Policy allow export of such goods wherever irrevocable commercial Letter of Credit (L/C) has been established before the date of imposition of such restriction. Accordingly, in cases where Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit has been issued prior to the issue of Notification No. 21/2015-20 dated 29.09.2019 and the said Irrevocable Commercial Letter of Credit is registered with the D.G.F.T. within the stipulated time, the following procedure should be followed for export of onions:

i) The CEAC would maintain a separate register for entering the details of the Registration Certificate of Letter of Credit, issued by the DGFT to the exporter of onions, and the shipment details against each Letter of Credit. The CEAC will also ensure that the Registration Certificate of Letter of Credit is uploaded on e-Sanchit for the respective Shipping Bill. For every such Registration Certificate a unique number would be assigned by CEAC.

ii) On entering the details of the above Registration Certificate, the CEAC will make endorsement of the above unique number on the reverse of the said Registration Certificate and also on the copy of the Shipping Bill/Check List.

iii) The CEAC will debit the export value from the Balance Value mentioned in the above Registration Certificate and enter the debit details in the above mentioned register as well as on the shipping bill/Check List.

iv) After following the above steps, the Shipping Bill/Check List and the Registration Certificate will be presented before the Joint Commissioner of Customs / S.I.I.B. (X) for N.O.C.

v) The above Registration Certificate and Shipping Bill/Check List bearing the above endorsements and N.O.C. of S.I.I.B. (X) will be presented to the concerned officer at the time of registration of Shipping Bill. The concerned officer would specifically mention in the comments column / examination report regarding having seen the same.

vi) The concerned officer would issue LEO to the shipping bill only on verification of the aforesaid endorsement on the Registration Certificate, the Shipping Bill and the N.O.C. of S.I.I.B. (X) and the same having been mentioned in the comments column / examination report.

Any difficulty in implementing the above Standing Order shall be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

F. No. S/12-Gen-misc 02/2019-20/ AM (X)