Export Goods Description and Documentation Details must in Phyto-Sanitary Certificate

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai on 20th May 2010.

[Customs Public Notice No. 20 dated 20th May 2010]

Sub: Export goods description and documentation Quality Issues.

Exporters, CHAs and Trade are already aware that full and clear/unambiguous description of export goods is essential on Shipping Bill and on the export Invoice.

2. Often export is to be made, inter alia, on the basis of a Certificate (to the effect that consignment either meets specified norms or consignment does not violate specified norms) issued by an Agency (like the Phyto-Sanitary Authority, Wild-Life Authority, etc). In such cases, Certificate should be presented to Customs only after Exporter/CHA is satisfied that Certificate is complete in all respects.

3. Illustrations (not exhaustive list) of completeness are

a) Certificate being such that it can be directly correlated to the particular consignment (say for example, export Invoice number detail being inbuilt on the phyto-sanitary certificate).

b) Stamps of the Agency and signatures of concerned officer feature on every page forming the Annexure/Description Sheet attached with a Certificate.

4. In absence of declarations being full & clear/unambiguous and relevant certificates being complete, the relevant consignments are likely to be subjected to query and even examination.

This is for information and necessary action by Exporters, CHAs and Trade.

F. No. S/6-Misc-163/10(X) Shed ACC