Updation of Bank A D Code in Import

[Ref: Public Notice No 24 /2011 dated 9 March 2011]

During feeding of details of a Transit Bond, one of the mandatory parameters is to feed the particulars of the Bank issuing the Bank Guarantee. The details are auto-populated in the system once correct Authorized Dealer AD Code of the bank is fed, provided, the said branch of the bank pertaining to that particular AD Code is registered in ICES system by  ICEGATE.

2)  It has been observed that often the CHAs/Importers are giving the wrong AD Code of the Bank branch issuing Bank Guarantee, which sometimes may get accepted (as the wrong AD Code is registered in the system) although there will be mismatch in the address of the bank issuing Bank Guarantee and that appearing in the system. Hence all importers/CHAs are advised to fill in correct AD Code of the Bank Branch issuing the bank guarantee.

3)  It is also noticed that sometimes, the AD Code of bank branch is not reflected in Import and/or Export menu of ICES System even though the said AD Code is registered in ICEGATE. This happens mostly in cases where the Bank guarantees are being issued by the newly opened Bank Branches. In such a situation, EDI section, JNCH has been updating the said AD Code in ICES System locally. It is however noticed that this results into delay as the procedure for the same has not been standardized and intimated to public /concerned.

4)  In view of above, it is hereby, directed that whenever any AD Code of bank branch issuing Bank guarantee is not reflected in Import and /or Export menu of ICES system, the following procedure shall be followed:

i)   The CHA/Importer shall approach the helpdesk in EDI alongwith following documents,

a)  A copy of AD Code registered in the ICEGATE site.

b)  Requisition letter from the Importer for updation of AD Code in Import/Export Menu.

c)  Bank letter for updation of AD Code in Import/Export Menu.

ii)  On the basis of the above said documents the concerned TA in EDI help desk shall enter the AD Codes in the Menu available in both  Import and Export side.

5)  Difficulties, if any, faced in the implementation of this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

F.NO. S/6-GEN-9883/2011 BOND JNCH