New RBI-BRC Module for Monitoring Export Realization in EDI

[Air Cargo Complex, Sahar, Mumbai Public Notice No. 24 dated 15th July 2016]

Sub: Introduction of new RBI- BRC Module for monitoring realization of Export proceeds in EDI for shipping bills with LEO dates from 01.04.2014 onwards.

1.  Kind Attention is invited to the instructions contained in DG Systems letter F.No.IV(35)/58/20 12-Sys/2473 dated 18/20.11.2015 and JS Drawback's F. No. 609/59/2012-DBK dated 03.06.2015 and instruction dated 27.11.2015 wherein it was mandated to use the online new RBI, BRC Module for monitoring of realization of export proceeds in EDI for all the Shipping Bills with LEO dates from 01.04.2014 onwards.

2.  Kind attention is invited of the Exporters, Custom House Brokers and all Members of Trade to the Public Notice No.19/2015 dated 02/12/2015, Facility Notice No.10/2015 dated 09/12/2015, Public Notice No.32/2015-16 dated 02.02.2016 and 38/2015-16 dated 03.03.2016, all issued by the Commissioner of Customs Export, Air Cargo Complex, Sahar, Mumbai, wherein all exporters were requested to submit the details of realization received/ certificates from their Authorized Dealer/Chartered Accountant for EDI shipping bills with LEO dates from 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014 on or before 24/02/2016 (extended time lime),which was mandatory, failing which necessary action was envisaged under the Customs Act, 1962 against the said defaulters.

3.  The new RBI-BRC Module (RBI MIS Reports) which was launched from 26.06.2014, is now ready for implementation. This would be applicable for shipping bills with let export order (LEO) dates from 0l.04.2014 onwards.

4.  Henceforth the Drawback (XOS) Section functioning under the Export Commissionerate at Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai would monitor the realization of export proceeds for the shipping bills with LEO dates, from 01.04 2014 under the new RBI-BRC Module. Accordingly, it has been decided that the exporters are not required to submit 6 monthly Negative Statement from Authorized Dealers /Chartered Accountants showing the proof of realization of export proceeds (BRC) manually to Drawback (XOS) Section, for shipping bills with LEO dates from 0l.04.2014 onwards.

5.  For the new RBI-BRC module, Exporters are advised to check BRC integration status with effect from 0l.04.2014 with Customs, using the ICEGATE enquiry module or else follow up with the Authorized Dealer (AD)Bank's to get the information transmitted to EDPMS/RBI

6.  Any difficulties in implementation of the above procedure may be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately.