All International Airlines Allowed to Carry Domestic Cargo

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Air Cargo Complex, Mumbai on 21st June 2010

[Customs Public Notice No. 26 dated 21st June 2010]

Subject: Carriage of domestic cargo on international flights.

Attention of all concerned is invited to Circular No.4/2010-Customs dated 15th February, 2010, issued vide F.No. 450/122/2009-Cus.IV by Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, CBEC, New Delhi, super-ceding Board’s earlier Circular No. 15/99-Cus dated 22.03.1999.

2.      The Board has decided to allow domestic private airlines as well as M/s.Air India and Indian Airlines to carry domestic cargo between domestic airports on their international flights subject to fulfillment of following conditions:

(i)      Separate space shall be assigned by the airlines or custodian in the Cargo complex/ area of the airport for receipt and storage of domestic cargo till these are delivered or dispatched.

(ii)     Domestic cargo will be received by the airlines in the designated area during the normal working hours of Customs at the respective airport.

(iii)    The containers/Unit Load Devices (ULDs) used for carrying the domestic or international cargo shall be clearly marked or coloured or strapped for its identification, distinction at the time of loading, unloading, transportation.

(iv)    Domestic tags shall be prepared for identification of the domestic cargo with separate colour coding.

(v)     Loading or unloading of domestic cargo in any international flight/aircraft shall be carried under the supervision of Customs Officers.

(vi)    Domestic and International cargo will be loaded separately and shall be carried in hold area on board the aircraft distinctly identifying these cargoes.

(vii)   On arrival of the domestic cargo, at the destination airport, the airlines shall make necessary arrangements to deliver the domestic cargo.

(viii)   In respect of transhipment of international cargo by airlines, they shall be required to execute necessary bond and bank guarantee as prescribed vide Circular No. 78/2001-Customs dated: 7.12.2001. Further, those persons who fulfill the threshold limit of annual transhipment volume specified shall be exempt from the requirement of furnishing bank guarantee as specified in Circular No. 45/2005-Customs dated: 24.11.2005. Accordingly, no separate bond or bank guarantee shall be required in respect of domestic cargo. In addition, transshipment procedure as specified in Board’s Circular No. 06/2007-Cus dated: 22.01.2007 shall be adhered to strictly.

3.      For implementing the above, the following procedure shall be followed at the Air Cargo Complex to operationalize the facility.

(a)     The domestic cargo meant for the domestic leg of journey on international flights would be received by the domestic private airlines or Air India/Indian Airlines (hereinafter referred as Domestic Airlines) in the normal working hours in their transhipment warehouses under the supervision of the Preventive Officers posted in the said warehouses. The said cargo shall be stored in a separate area earmarked for domestic cargo within the transhipment warehouse.

(b)     After receipt of domestic cargo, the Domestic Airlines will prepare Form ‘A’ in quadruplicate and sign the said Form ’A’ with certification that the package received have been affixed with domestic tags, domestic Airway Bill Nos. with destination and flight no. Thereafter, the Domestic Airlines will obtain permission on the said Form ’A’ from Superintendent (Prev.) of the said transhipment warehouse for loading domestic cargo in container/on pallets. The Superintendent after due verification shall permit loading of cargo in container/on pallets under preventive supervision. The Domestic Airlines should ensure that the containers/pallets/ULDs containing the domestic and international cargo should be clearly distinguished by appearance using different colours for covering materials, straps etc. The distinct colour coding for identification/distinction of cargo shall be bright yellow for domestic cargo and bright orange for international cargo. The Preventive Officer posted in the transhipment warehouse shall after completion of the loading escort the container/pallet upto the aircraft and endorse Form ‘A’ accordingly.

(c)     The Domestic Airlines shall forward the original and duplicate copy of Form ’A’ to the Airport of destination. The triplicate copy of Form ‘A’ shall be forwarded to the Customs Officer deputed for the said purpose. The Customs Officer shall maintain proper records. The duplicate copy of Form’A’ shall be returned to Customs by Domestic Airlines duly endorsed with the proper acknowledgement of cargo received at the Airport of destination. The duplicate copy shall be matched with triplicate copy retained by the Customs Officer. Any discrepancy noticed shall be reported to Asstt.Commissioner of Customs (Preventive Admn.), ACC. The acknowledged duplicate copy of Form’A’ shall be submitted to the Customs Officer by the Domestic Airlines within 7 days of the shipment.

(d)     The domestic cargo brought to Mumbai by the Domestic Airlines from other Airports shall be received by the Domestic Airlines under preventive supervision of the officers posted in the transhipment warehouse. The said cargo shall be stored in a separate area within the warehouse. The Domestic Airlines representative will sign the original and duplicate copy of Form’A’ in token of receiving the cargo and the same shall be countersigned by the Customs Officer deputed for the said purpose. The original copy of Form A’ shall be retained by the Domestic Airlines for taking the domestic cargo out of the warehouse. The Customs Officer shall sign the duplicate copy of Form A’ and return back to the Domestic Airlines who shall thereafter forward the same to the Airport from where the cargo has been shipped. The Domestic Airlines shall inform the Customs Officer in advance regarding carrying of the domestic cargo for Mumbai. The following endorsement shall be given on the original and duplicate copy of Form “A”.

“Received ……………. Pkgs. of domestic cargo arrived from …………… Airport through flight No. dated …………..”.

Name & sign of Domestic Airlines representative Signature of Customs Officer with

Office Stamp (at receiving airport)

(e)     The domestic cargo meant to be delivered in Mumbai shall be taken out of the Transshipment Warehouse by the Domestic Airlines within 12 hours on arrival of the flight. It shall be the responsibility of the Domestic Airlines to ensure that International Import or Export cargo does not mix up with domestic cargo.

(f)      The domestic and international cargo shall be loaded separately and kept distinctly in the hold area of the aircraft. The domestic cargo shall be loaded last to ensure proper identification.

4.         It may be noted that violation of conditions (prescribed herein above or under any other law/regulations providing for the manner in which imported goods/export goods are to be received, stored, delivered or otherwise handled in a Customs area) shall invite action against the person which may include withdrawal of this facility and/or imposition of penalty under Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations, 2009.

5.          The Domestic Airlines desirous of availing the said facility shall apply to the Commissioner of Customs (Administration), Air Cargo Complex, Sahar, Mumbai and await permission before facility is activated.

6.         Difficulties, if any, in implementation be brought to notice so that they can be taken up with the Board.

F.No. S/3-Prev.Admn.23/2010 ACC


(File No. S/3-Prev.Admn.23/2010 ACC)

Form – A

(Domestic Cargo Movement)

(For Domestic Cargo on International Flights of Domestic Airlines)



(Name of concerned warehouse)


Airway Bill No.

No. of Pkgs.

Description of goods

Name of consignor

















Total No. of pkgs.

(1) Certified that above mentioned ………….. packages have been affixed with Domestic Tags and Domestic Airway Bill No. with Destination

(2) Allowed………….. domestic packages only for loading on pallets/container no.…………under preventive supervision.

(Signature of Domestic Airlines staff)

(Signature of Supdt./Batch)

(3) Certified that ………….. packages are Loaded in containers/pallets no. ………….. and the Container/pallets contains only domestic cargo.

(4) Certified that ………… pkgs. have been loaded in container/pallet no. ………….and the same has been escorted to the Flight no. …..… under my supervision.

(Signature of Domestic Airlines staff)

(Signature of Preventive Officer)

(with stamp)

(5) Received __________ packages of domestic cargo arrived from Mumbai Airport through flight no. ………… dated …………


Name & Sign. of Domestic Airlines representative

Sign. of Customs Officer with stamp

(Receiving Airport)