EDI 1.5 to be Implemented in JNPT Customs on 5 April 2011

[Ref: Public Notice No. 29 dated 15 March 2011]

Sub: Implementation of Indian Customs EDI System v1.5 (ICESv1.5) at JNCH on 5-4-2011

Attention of the Importers, Exporters, CHA s, trade and all other agencies concerned is invited to the various Public & Facility Notices issued by this Custom House regarding computerised processing of Export/Import documents under Indian Customs EDI system.

2.††† Currently, ICES operations at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Dist. Raigad Ė 400707, are being implemented on a stand-alone system on which LAN based connectivity has been provided to concerned Customs officers and Service Centre. The system is being managed by officials from the National Informatics Centre. Also, the State Bank of India, Bank of India, and IDBI Bank are connected to ICES through Message Exchange Server.

3.††††† As part of the implementation of CBECí s IT Consolidation Project, the EDI operations at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, Dist. Raigad, would be shifted to ICES 1.5, an enhanced/ modified version of the application software currently operational at other Custom Houses. This software, developed by NIC, is implemented at CBECís National Data Centre at New Delhi. The System Integrator for the project is M/s TCS. The application would cater to the needs of Customs officials at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva as also the Service Centre operators, who would be working on CBECís new Local Area Network infrastructure implemented by M/s HP Sales India Private Ltd. Connectivity to the Central servers at the National Data Centre has been provided through CBECís MPLS network, as part of the Wide Area Networking project implemented by a consortium led by M/s. BSNL Ltd. All the directories would be updated centrally at CBECís National Data Centre in New Delhi.

Service Centre

4.††† The Service Centres at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva, would continue to be managed by M/s CMC, under arrangement with CBEC and there would be no change in the existing charges. However, the Service Centre is connected to the National Data Centre through ICEGATE. Submission of documents i.e. Bill of Entry, Shipping Bill, IGM s, CGM s and EGM s through Pen drive, CDs and, Floppy Disk shall not be allowed.

CHA s/Importers/Exporters

5.††††† The CHA s/Importers/Exporters may file their documents either through Service Centre or through ICEGATE from their premises. The acknowledgment for filing Bill of Entries/Shipping Bills would reach the registered e-mail address of CHA s/Importers/Exporters. The details of message exchange formats for filing Bills of Entry/Shipping Bills are available at ICEGATE website http://www.icegate.gov.in at http://www.icegate.gov.in/ICES1.5.htm. The CHA s/Importer/Exporters may use their own software for filing Bills of Entry/Shipping Bills in prescribed message exchange formats. The free download version (1.5) of RES Package is also available on ICES website at http:// ices. nic.in/ ICES/Home. aspx after registration.

Shipping Lines/Steamer Agents/Console Agents

6.††††† The Shipping Lines/Steamer Agents/Console Agents would file IGM/EGM/Console IGM s only through ICEGATE.The acknowledgement for filing IGM/EGM/Console IGM s would reach the registered e-mail address of the Shipping Lines/Steamer Agents/Console Agents. The message exchange formats for filing IGM/EGM/Console IGM s are given on ICEGATE Website http://www.icegate.gov.in at http://www.icegate.gov.in/ICES1.5.htm. The concerned Lines/Agents may prepare/use their own software for filing IGM/EGM/Console IGM s in prescribed message exchange formats. The facility for filing of IGM/EGM/Console IGM s through floppy at Service Centre is not available in ICES V1.5. All the Shipping Lines/Steamer Agents/Console Agents are hereby informed that they should get their directories verified at New Customs House, Mumbai.


7.††††† The State Bank of India, Bank of India and IDBI Bank, Nhava Sheva would be connected to their Central Servers through Internet and the banks system would interact with CBECí s Central Server through amessaging system.

Custodians (Port Terminals and CFSs)††

8.††††† The EDI Message Exchange that was going on in ICES V1.0 would also continue in ICES V1.5, with some modifications.The custodians (Port Terminals/CFSs) may confirm about the message exchange formats with the ICEGATE Team/Officers of the Directorate General of Systems & Data Management, New Delhi.

Important changes in ICES 1.5 version over ICES 1.0 Version

9.††††† The implementation of the new application would entail certain changes in the existing Customs systems and procedures at JNCH, Nhava Sheva.These are being listed below for ease of reference:

9.1.The enquiry (document status) facility to users of Service Centre would include document submission status (fresh and amendment) and query status.

ICEGATE Document Tracking System (DTS) would also continue to be available.

9.2.It may be noted that print out of processed Bills of Entry and Duty payment Challans would continue to be obtained by users from Service Centre for the Bills of Entry filed through Service Centre. In case the Bs/E are filed through ICEGATE, then check list and Duty payment Challans would continue to be obtained by users from their Premises.

9.3.The printout of ĎOut of Chargeí copy of Bills of Entry and Let Export Order and EP copies of Shipping Bills would now be printed from the SSO-ID of the Customs officer(s) designated for the purpose. However, the work of taking out the print from the Printer & other services would continue to be provided by the Service Centre Operator located at JNCH/CFS as the case may be.In case, the documents are filed through ICEGATE, then specified amount is required to be paid to the Service Centre Operator towards the stationery and services.

9.4.It may be noted that since the document numbers are to be assigned by the Central Server at a national level, once other ICES 1.5 sites are operational, all document numbers e.g. for Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills, IGMs, EGMs, Challans, would not be in a continuous series for each location.

9.5.The duty payment Challans would now be provided to the designated Banks through electronic messaging and the bank in turn would electronically confirm payment details to ICES 1.5 system.

9.6.The State Bank of India, Bank of India and IDBI Bank are advised that the Desk Manager handling Challans pertaining to the above locations should ensure that the Challans accepted on specified date by the Cash Officer are either accepted or rejected. There should not be any document pending in the Cash Managerís queue at end of day on specified date, since data from this queue will not be migrated as part of the migration of ICES operations to data centre.†††

9.7.The Shipping Lines /Steamer Agents should note that all IGM/ EGM/ Console IGM s which have been filed through Service Centre should be submitted in the system failing which these details will have to be re-entered after migration to data centre through ICEGATE.

9.8.It may be noted that all documents entered in the Service Centre and pending for submission in Version 1.0 must be submitted prior to 2.00 P.M. on 31-03-2011 failing which these would have to be re-entered after migration of ICES operations to Data Centre. For instance, if for a shipping bill, a job has been entered and not submitted prior to 2.00 P.M. on 31-03-2011, it would have to be entered again after migration to Version 1.5.

9.9.As in the case of Import documents, CHAs filing Export documents would be required to use their PAN based registration numbers, provided by the Policy Section of General Commissionerate, New Custom House, Mumbai. As per the PublicNotice No. 13/2010 dated 22-04-2010 issued by the Commissioner of Customs (General), NCH, Mumbai, all the CHA s/ Steamer/ Carrier Agents were requested to verify the details in the existing CHA/Carrier Directory to enable creation of an updated CHA/Carrier Directory at the Data Centre, New Delhi. Only those CHAs/Steamer/Carrier Agents, who have verified/updated their details in CHAs/Carrier Agents Directory, would be able to transact business in ICES V1.5. Hence, all the CHA s/Shipping Agents/Carrier Agents/Steamer Agents are once again requested to follow the prescribed procedure in the above-said Public Notice, before migration.

9.10. It may be noted that now in ICES 1.5 generation of temp scroll will be mandatory for DBK scroll generation.

9.11. The specifications for EDI messages for Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills for users filing documents through internet are available on the ICEGATE

Website: http://www.icegate.gov.in/ICES1.5htm.

9.12. All Licences registered in locations running on ICES 1.5 shall be available for automatic online debits against Bill of Entry filed at any of the ports which are operational under ICES 1.5.A common Ledger of Licences shall be centrally maintained in the system for debits in respect of Bills of Entry filed at all the ICES location operating under ICES 1.5. Therefore, no TRA shall be required. However, TRA shall be issued for NON EDI Locations which are still operating manually or for ICES locations which are running on old ICES Version 1.0. For this the TRA shall be generated in the system and a hard copy of TRA shall be issued which has to be registered in the system at ICES1.0 locations.

9.13. The TRA s issued by the non-EDI locations and non centralized locations will be registered in the same manner as license registration. On registration of TRA against a DEPB, the system will generate a TRA registration number. This Registration Number should be endorsed on the Importerís copy of TRA (original) and the Customs copy received from the issuing Customs station. Only fresh RAs will be registered in the EDI System. Partially utilized RAs will continue to be handled manually. Following particulars shall be entered in the System through the menu relating to transfer release advice.

(i) Release Advice No.

(ii) Release Advice Date.

(iii) Release Registration No.

(iv) Customs Station to which issued.

(v) IEC of R.A. holder if different from DEPB holder.

(vi) DUTY CREDIT AMOUNT transferred.

(vii) Export FOB amount transferred.

(viii). Invoice No.††††

(ix). MAWB/BL No/DT

(x). HAWB/HBL No/DT.

(xi). Conditions if any

10.†† It is hereby informed that commencement of live operation in respect of documents to be handled at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva on the new EDI application ICES 1.5 from National Data Centre shall be with effect from 05-04-2011. The TIME- SCHEDULE for migration from ICES v1.0 to ICES v 1.5 is as per TABLE below:

Date & Time



31-03-2011 at 2.00 PM.

Filing Documents in EDI through Service Centre & ICEGATE will be stopped.


01-04-2011 till 12.00 Noon

Officers to process & clear all documents in EDI pending at various stages

EDI Operation would be available for processing only and no new noting is permitted

01-04-2011 at 2.00 P.M.

Banks to stop collection of duty payment


01-04-2011 till 2.30 P.M.

Banks to clear all the pending receipts


01-04-2011 till 4.30 P.M.

Processing Import/ Export documents in the Docks and giving out of charge/LEO



Manual Noting of documents will be permitted.

Except DEPB, EPCG, DEEC Shipping Bills because of Licence Transmission requirements.

05-04-2011†† 9.30 A.M.

Filing of EDI documents in ICES V1.5


11.†† Operation at Various Stages includes Assessment, Examination, Query & Replies, Amendment, Duty Payment, Goods Registration, OOC/LEO, Entry Inward, Sailing Report etc.

11.1. Since, the last Drawback Scroll in ICES V1.0 generated would be on 17-03-2011, the Banks are advised to credit the Drawback amount in to the Exportersí Account positively on the same day but certainly not later than 18-03-2011. The next DBK Scroll can be generated only on/after 06-04-2011 in ICES V1.5.

11.2. If a Carrier/Console Agent files manual IGM during the period from 1st April to 4th April, 2011, then, they will necessarily have to file EDI IGM on 05-04-2011, in ICES V1.5, through ICEGATE only. For legal purposes, the date of filing of Manual IGM and Entry Inward date entered into Manual IGM would be taken into account.

11.3. No manual EGM shall be filed during the period from 1st to 4th April, 2011. Hence, EDI EGM shall be filed either (i) on/before 2.00 P.M. on 31-03-2011 in ICES V1.0 or (ii) on 05-04-2011 after 9.30 am in ICES V1.5 through ICEGATE only.

11.4. The Banks will continue to collect the duty for EDI B/Es and Cess for EDI S/Bills up to 2.00 P.M. on 01-04-2011 and will resume collection of duty in the ICES 1.5 on 05-04-2011 after confirmation from the Systems Manager, JNCH, Nhava Sheva.

11.5. For the Bís/E which are manually noted, the authorized banks are hereby, directed to collect the duty and report to EDI Section by generating scroll on daily basis.Similarly, for the S/Bills, which are manually noted, the aforesaid procedure will apply for collection of duty & Cess as applicable.

11.6. There would be concurrent audit in ICES V1.5 for all types of Bills of Entry for few days till the introduction of RMS in ICES V 1.5. Further, the Concurrent Audit would be done for all the B/Es noted manually.

11.7. For the B/Es which are manually noted, the Cash Section would collect the duty.Similarly, for the S/Bills, which are manually noted, the Cash Section would collect the Cess, if applicable.

The modalities for manual filing of Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills would be notified separately.

12.†† The users of ICES v 1.5 may note that, the allocation and nomenclature of Assessment Groups (Import/Export) has been revised as in TABLE below:

Appraising Group

Chapter Number (Begin)

Chapter Number (End)

Name of Applicable Export Promotion Scheme (Code) ††




















































































Misc Export Promotion Schemes




Customs Clearance Permit (13)
Import Licence for negative list of Import Items (14)

Jobbing (20)




DEPB (06 & 07)




DEEC (01,02,03, 05 and 17)




EPCG (11 & 12)




Duty Free Credit Certificate (22)
Target Plus Scheme (23)
Vishesh Krishi Upaj Yojana (24)
DFCE for Status Holder (25)
Focus Market Scheme(27)
Focus Product Scheme (28)




DFIA (26)




Replenishment Licence (8)
Diamond Imprest Licence (9)




DFRC (18)




EOU (21)

13.†† After migration to ICES 1.5, following activities presently handled by Service Centre would be handled by the designated Custom Officers/Staff:

Sr. No.


Designated Officers/Staff


Enable Printing of S/Bill after LEO in Shed

PO/EO/TA Ė Export Shed/EDI


Registration of Licences /Scrips in case of Exports promotion schemes

TA/STA Ė Licence Section


Re-transmission of Shipping Bills to DGFT



Enable printing of Bills of Entries after out of Charge

EO/TA Ė Import Shed

14.†† Regarding Helpdesk facilities the following may be noted:


14.1. ICEGATE users/stake holders i.e. CHA/Shipping Agent/CFS/Port Terminals etc may interact with the Helpdesk at 011-23379020 and 011-23370113 / 23370133 or through e-mail icegatehelpdesk @icegate.gov.in.


14.2. After exhausting all the above Help Desk facilities, in case the problem still exists and in case the problem requires local solution, then, users may also directly contact the following Officers of JNCH, Nhava Sheva.

Name of the officer S/Shri


Telephone No


P. Anjani Kumar

Systems Manager



S.K. Yadav

Alternate Systems Manager



Anil Chaudhary

Appraising Officer



14.3. Further a team of Nodal officers for each of the CFSs, is being appointed. The local Helpdesk is also being strengthened by including more officers. The names and telephone numbers of the officers will be notified separately.

15.†† It is expected that this will greatly facilitate clearance of, reduce time taken for clearance, and improve the efficiency of Customs officers. As this would be a launch of ICES 1.5, users may like to provide feedback for improvement in the working of the system. CBEC would also be making further modifications in the system to enhance functionality of the system and these changes would be notified from time to time.

16.†† Difficulties, if any, faced by the trade along with comments/feedback for improvement may be brought to the notice of the Officers designated as above. Besides, the assistance would be available at icegatehelpdesk.manager @icegate.gov.in

F.No.EDI-13 /2010 JNCH