DGFT Creates Google Spread Sheet for “To do List for SCOMET Policy’ for Feedback from Industry

[DGFT Trade Notice No. 31/2018 dated 13 September 2018]

Subject: 'To do list for SCOMET Policy/Procedure' for feedback/inputs from industry for simplification of licensing procedure of SCOMET items.

Attention of Trade and Industry is invited to several initiatives taken by DGFT in recent past, based on their feedback, to streamline the processes of licensing of dual use SCOMET items, including policy interventions in the areas, where there existed policy gaps. These measures include centralised issue of SCOMET licenses from DGFT Headquarters, live status of license applications on the home page of DGFT website under 'export facilitation' and recent public notices simplifying the procedure for export of SCOMET items.

2. In continuation of the above trade measures, a 'Google spread sheet' containing 'To do list for SCOMET Policy/Procedure' has been created. The Google spread sheet can be accessed at the URL address: goo.gi/TPiieG

3. While the industry would be kept updated on the status of action taken on their feedback/suggestions received so far, they can also add new issues in a separate row below the existing entries. These suggestions will also be taken into account and status would be updated from time to time.

4. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

F. No. 01/77/171/001/AM19/EC(S)