Four Days for Textile Committee Sampling – Sample Size

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 17th March 2010.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 31 dated 17th March 2010]

Sub:- Test reports by the Textile Committee.

There are complaints that test reports of textile articles are received late, causing delay in clearances and that the importers were not aware of the test charges to be deposited with the Textile Committee. In order to reduce the time lag and streamline the system, the issue was discussed in the PTFC meeting on 14.01.2010, wherein representative of Textile Committee was also present, along with other trade representatives. After discussion, it has been decided:

1.  (a)   The samples drawn for testing should be forwarded to Textile Committee on subsequent working day. This will be monitored by Additional Commissioner (Docks).

(b)    Textile Committee needs two to four working days to complete the testing, depending upon the test queries and extent of tests involved. Since test charges are decided by the extent of tests carried out, it is not possible to indicate these before hand. Hence, Trade and CHA’s are to enquire with Textile Committee, only after four working days, after drawal of samples.

2.  The sample size as below, is sought by the Textile Committee for carrying out the tests; and the trade / officers need to draw samples of following size for test.


Sample Type

Sample size


Fabrics (Woven/Knits)

1 mt. X Full Width



1 no. (if adult size)



2 nos. (if small or infants)



1 bobbin

3.  The contents of this notice may please be brought to the notice of all the importers/representatives of the trade.

F.No. S/22-Misc- 30/2009 AM (I)