Only Select Containers for Examination in Customs Sheds, Rest will be Delivered in Port

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 22nd March 2010.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 34 dated 22nd March 2010]

There have been representations from the trade that in some cases goods that are entitled to Direct Port Delivery are subjected to examination by the RMS system. In such cases they have to move all their containers to the designated CFS even though the examination percentage is anything between 5% to 10%. This leads to delay in the clearance of the whole consignment.

To alleviate the problem faced by the ACP clients, it has been decided to incorporate para 3.11(A) between para 3.11 and 3.12 to Facility Notice No.63/2008 dated 01.09.2008:

3.11(A) If an order for examination is given for a Bill of Entry filed by an ACP client entitled for Direct Port Delivery, the importer will produce the Bill of Entry before the AO of the designated CFS. The said AO will indicate on hard copy of the Bill of Entry the container/containers he wishes to examine based on the examination percentage prescribed in the Examination Order. The DPD Superintendent will allow Direct Port Delivery of the rest of the containers on the hard copy of Bill of Entry. The Shed AO will examine the selected containers and subsequently give Out of Charge for all the containers based on the report of the DPD Superintendent on the hard copy of the Bill of Entry.

F.No.S/22-Gen-209/2009 AM(I)