Ministry of Commerce/SEZ Administration is the Sole Authority for SEZ Issues

[SEZ Circular No. 39 dated 11 September 2009]

Subject: Procedure for consideration of operational issues regarding SEZs.

The undersigned is directed to reiterate that the establishment and functioning of SEZ is governed by the provisions of SEZ Act, 2005 and Rules framed thereunder. The existing framework already provides for the Board of Approval at the Centre and Unit Approval Committee(s) at the SEZs. These two institutions with members from concerned Departments/Ministries tend to serve as a Single Window Mechanism to deal with various types of approvals and other operational issues. Thus, there may not be any need for addressing SEZ related issues by individual departments of Government of India. Instead, all issues be brought before the Unit Approval Committees and in case of still any unresolved issue, the same be referred to the Department of Commerce, being the nodal agency for SEZs, for a decision by Board of Approval as per the extant provisions on the matter.

No. C.6/10/2009SEZ