Examination Report Must be Entered into the EDI Systems on the Same Day

The following Standing Order was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 28th July 2010.

[Customs Standing Order No 40 dated 28th July 2010]

Sub: Feeding of Examination report in EDI at the Import Docks.

Attention of all the Officers/Staff posted in the Import Docks (Container Freight Stations in the jurisdiction of the Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House) is invited to the above subject.

2.   It has been observed that in many cases, after the examination is over, the examination report has not been entered into the EDI system on the same day.  This leads to unnecessary delay as unless the examination report is entered in the system, further action regarding delivery of goods or re-assessment etc., cannot be taken.

3.   Henceforth, all examining staff is directed that where examination has been conducted in the first shift, the examination report should be entered in the system before start of round for the second shift and for the examination conducted in the second shift, the same should be entered after the completion of round.  In all cases, the examination report must be entered into the EDI Systems on the same day on which examination has been carried out.  In exceptional circumstances, where it is not possible to enter the report in EDI system on the same day, the matter should be brought to the notice of supervising DC/AC (Import Docks) who shall examine the facts and circumstances of the matter and take necessary corrective action.

4.   All concerned are directed to follow these instructions without fail.

F.NO. S/6-GEN-32/2010 DOCKS (IMP)