RFID Seals Electronic Sealing for Deposit in and Removal of Goods from Customs Bonded Warehouses to be Implemented from 1 Jan 2019

[CBIC Circular No. 41/2018-Customs dated 30 October 2018]

Subject: Electronic sealing - Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs bonded Warehouses

Reference may be made to Circular No. 3912018-Customs dated 23rd October, 2018 issued by the Board informing that the updated version of Circular No. 1912018-Customs dated 18th June, 2018, introducing electronic sealing for deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded Warehouses, will be implemented from 01.11.2018.

2. The Board has decided to extend the date of implementation to 01st January, 2019 in order to enable establishment of infrastructure and procurement of seals by warehouse owners.

F.No: 484I3/2015-LC (Vol II)