DCs Must Decide Proposals for Authorized Operations in SEZs on their Own

[Instruction No. 42 - No. C/11/2009-SEZ dated 18th November 2009

It has been noted that developers/co-developers have been seeking permission of the BoA for carrying out such authorized operations, which are already covered in the default list of authorized operations, the powers for which have already been delegated to the DCís/UACís. This results in the waste of precious time of the BoA.

2.†† It has, therefore, been decided that all requests for carrying out authorized operations, whether covered in the default list or not, shall be initially made to the concerned DCs who will first consider and dispose the requests at their level within 15 days from the date of the receipt of the request. The DCs will send only such requests/items for consideration by BoA, which are outside side their powers and that too with their specific comments/recommendation.

3.†† The requests of developers/co-developers, for authorized operations, received without the certification from the concerned DCs, to the effect that the authorized operation(s) is/are outside his powers and their specific comments on the same, will not be considered by the BoA.

4.†† All DCs are, therefore, requested to ensure strict compliance of these instructions.