MBA PGDM Degree Holders can Appear CHAs Exam under CHALR, 2004

The following public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (General) New Custom House, Mumbai on 8th June 2011.

[Customs Public Notice No. 43 dated 8th June 2011]

In reference to Public Notice No.39/2011 dated 02.06.2011 regarding the written examination under Regulation-8 of the Custom House Agents Licensing Regulations (CHALR) – 2004 to be held on 05.09.2011.

Kind attention is invited to Para-1 (a) where the said public notice specifies certain professional qualifications, in the said para following shall also be inserted.

“In line with the instructions of Board, the MBA degree or the equivalent degree PGDM granted by an Institute or University recognized by Government / AICTE under Ministry of Human Resource Development shall also be acceptable qualification for degree holders to appear in the examination under CHALR, 2004.”

In this regard the Annexure-I of the Public Notice has also been amended and enclosed herewith.

This issues with the approval of Commissioner of Customs (General), Mumbai.

F.No.S/6-87/2011 Admn. (CHA) (Part)

Annexure – I (Proforma)


The Deputy Commissioner of Customs,

Personnel & Estt. Deptt. (CHA),

New Custom House, Ballard Estate,

Mumbai – 400 001.




Subject: Examination under Regulation ‘8’ of the CHALR-2004 Public Notice No.________ dated ________.

In response to the aforesaid Public Notice Shri/Smt ___________________, Proprietor/Partner/Director/Authorised Employee (strike out whichever is not applicable) will appear for the examination under Regulation ‘8’ of the Custom House Agents Licensing Regulation, 2004.

Particulars of the Person Appearing in the Examination


Name of the Candidate





Name of the CHA and No.





Whether Proprietor concern/Partnership Firm/Company





Validity of the CHA Licence





Whether candidate is a Proprietor/Director/Partner or Employee





Date of 1st appearance in Regulation-8 Examination







(Write YES/NO. If yes, Attach attested copy of proof)


(a) Graduate – Name of University





(b) C.A.





(c) M.B.A. (Master in Business Administration)





(d) PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)





(e) LL.B – Name of University





(f) Diploma in Customs Clearance





Work from any Institute or





University recognized by the Govt.





(g) 03 years experience in transacting CHA work as a G-Card Holder


Date of passing Exam





Roll No.





(Attach photocopy of pass and result copy of passing exam.)


(h) Retired Group ‘A’ officer from the IC&CES having 10 years experience in Group ‘A’.




Signature of the


of the CHA Licence

Specimen Signature of the Candidate