Online Permission for Container Movement from Port Allowed without Hardcopy of Documents

[Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House Public Notice No. 44 dated 8th April 2020]

DIN 20200478NU00001QDB83

Sub: COVID-19 Facilitation measures- Temporary provision of grant of online permission for container movement on the basis of documents submitted online.

Attention of Steamer Agents/ Shipping lines and all concerned is invited to Public Notice No. 82/2018 dated 16.06.2018 vide which procedure for grant of permission for movement of containers from port has been laid down. Para 4 of the said Public Notice makes it mandatory  for shipping lines to submit hard  copies of all documents which they have submitted  by email for grant of permission  for Container movement  by the end of the next working day. Representations have been received from Shipping Lines/ Steamer Agents that the requirements of submission of hard copy be temporarily not insisted in view of the current Covid 19- Pandemic.

2. Considering the current circumstances of COVID-19 situation, it has been decided to temporarily defer the submission of hard copy of documents, as required under Para 4 of Public Notice No.82/2018 dated 16.05.2018. The hard copy of the said documents will be submitted  by the concerned shipping line within OS days of removal of the lockdown.

3. Difficulty faced, if any, in implementation of this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner in-charge of the Container Cell.

4. Action in terms of decision taken in this Public Notice should be considered as Standing Order for the purpose of Officers and Staff.

[Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House Public Notice No. 82 dated 16th May 2020]

Sub: Modification in the procedure of the Container Movement Permission.

Attention of Steamer Agents/ Importers and all concerned is invited to Facility Notice No. 102/2016 dated 12.07.2016, regarding instructions on movement of containers and containerized cargo.

2. Considering the representations by the trade, in partial modification of procedure prescribed vide Facility Notice No. 102/2016, it has been decided that there shall be no requirement of permission from the Container Cell for movement of containers from the Port. Henceforth, all Steamer Agents / Importers, who have furnished bonds for duty free import of containers with the Container Cell, JNCH, will intimate the following details through e-mail addressed to Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, Container Cell, JNCH on the e-mail address before movement of containers from the Port.

(i) Container no., type & Size as available on the door/CSC plate of the container

(ii) Import vessel Name & date of arrival

(iii) Rotation No./ IGM No.

(iv) Self declaration regarding Continuity Bond No., its validity & balance amount of the bond (giving break-up of different types of containers covered).

(v) Name and address of CFS /warehouse/ICD.

3. The same e-mail containing all the above mentioned details should also be forwarded to the concerned Port terminal for information. The Port terminal should allow movement of said containers based on said intimation to Customs (Container Cell).

4. The steamer agent / importer will also submit the copy of the request letter to the Container Cell, JNCH having all the details as mentioned above by the end of the next working day and the Container Cell will reconcile the same with the records.

5. It shall be the responsibility of the Steamer Agent/ Importer to ensure that there is sufficient balance available in the bond furnished by them to the Container Cell before forwarding the e-mail intimation as mentioned in para 2 above, failing which such containers shall be treated as un-authorised removal from the Customs premises inviting penal action as per the law.

6. All concerned are hereby directed to strictly comply with the above instructions failing which, bond will be enforced to recover the Customs Duty along with applicable interest under Section 142 read with Section 143 of the Customs Act, 1962. In addition to the above action, penal action may also be initiated in accordance with the Customs Act, 1962.

7. Difficulty, if any may be brought to the notice of Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner in charge of Container Cell through e-mail/ phone (e-mail address:

8. Action to be taken in terms of decisions taken in this Public Notice should be considered as standing order for the purpose of officers and staff.