Direct Refund Amount to Importers Accounts at Nhava Sheva Compulsory – No Cheques Now

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 15th April 2010.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 45 dated 15th April 2010]

Sub: Introduction of new facility for payment of refund amount directly to Importer’s Bank Accounts instead of by way of issuing of cheques.

Attention of all concerned is drawn to the Facility Notice No. 16 /2010 dated 16.02.2010 on the abovementioned subject wherein it was mentioned that the said facility is optional and the claimants who do not want to avail the facility will receive the refund amount through cheque as per the existing procedure.

2.   The response to the said PN has not been found encouraging so far This issue was discussed in the PTFC meeting held on 08.04.10 and the members presents there wanted/ consented to make the system compulsory. Therefore, in partial modification of the above referred Facility Notice No.16/2010, it has now been decided that the said facility will be compulsory for all type of refund claims. There is no change in the rest of the procedure under the Facility Notice No. 16/2010.

3.   The contents of this Facility Notice may be brought to the notice of all the members of the trade, importers and their agents.

F. No. S/26-Misc-37/2009-10 CRC IIA JNCH