Authorised Operations in SEZs Considered as Automatically Approved

[Instruction No. 50 – No. F.5/1/2010-SEZ dated 15th March 2010]

Sub: Consolidated list of default authorized operations which can be undertaken by the developer/approved co-developer by default from the date of notification .

In continuation of this Department’s communication No C.8/4/2009-SEZ dated 4th September, 2009, it has been decided to further expand the list of default authorized operations with the approval of Commerce Secretary. Accordingly a consolidated list of authorized operations is enclosed as Annexure - I. The DC’s/UAC’s may allow Developer/approved Co-developers duty free goods and services for these default authorized operations from the date of notification of the SEZ. These authorized operations will, however, continue to be subject to the various guidelines issued by Government from time to time. Approval Committees while approving goods and services for such default operation may look into the actual requirement of the SEZs for such operations.

2.     For other authorized activities, not contained in the enclosed list, Developer/co-developer will have to obtain prior approval of Board of Approval through the concerned DC.

Annexure - I

Authorized Activities which can be Undertaken by the Developer/Approved Co-Developer by Default from the Date of Notification

(A)  For All Types of SEZs

1.     Roads with Street lighting, Signals and Signage

2.     Water treatment plant, water supply lines (dedicated lines up to source), sewage lines, storm water drains and water channels of appropriate capacity.

3.     Solid and liquid waste collection, treatment and disposal plants including pipelines and other necessary infrastructure for sewage and garbage disposal, Sewage treatment plants

4.     Electrical, Gas and Petroleum Natural Gas Distribution Network including necessary sub-stations of appropriate capacity, pipeline network etc.

5.     Telecom and other communications facilities including internet connectivity

6.     Rain water harvesting plant

7.     Fire protection system with sprinklers, fire and smoke detectors

8.     Landscaping and water bodies

9.     Boundary wall

10.   Office space for Development Commissioner, Customs, Security and State Governments staff.

11.   Security offices, police posts, etc, at entry, exit and other points within and along the periphery of the site.

12.   Effluent treatment plant and pipelines and other Infrastructure for Effluent treatment

13.   Common Data centre with inter-connectivity

14.   Play ground

15.   Bus bays

16.   Wi Fi/Wi Max Services

17.   Drip and Micro irrigation systems

18.   Parking including Multi-level car parking (automated / manual)

19.   Recreational facilities such as Indoor/Outdoor games, gymnasium/Employee’s restroom in processing area

20.   Employee welfare facilities like Crèche, Medical center and other such Facilities

21.   Air conditioning of processing area

22.   Construction of all type of Buildings in processing area

23.   Power ( including power back up facilities) for captive use only

24.   Access control and Monitoring system

25.   Space for Banks/ATMs

26.   Warehouses

27.   Cafeteria/ Canteen for staff in processing area

28.   Weigh Bridges

29.   Library

30.   Fuel storage and distribution system

31.   Fire station and Police Station buildings and equipments

(B)   IT/ITES/EH&SW, Biotechnology/Gems and Jewellery SEZ/Handicrafts/Nonconventional Energy including solar energy equipments [in addition to those listed at (A)]

1.     One First-Aid post or 10-beded Clinic/Poly clinic/Pharmacy/ Medical Center

(C) Sector Specific Special Economic Zones or one or more Services or in a port or airport [in addition to those listed at (A)]

1.     First-Aid post or 20-beded Clinic/Poly clinic/Pharmacy/ Medical Center, one hospital (up to 50 bed) (in the non-processing area only)

2.     One Primary School (in the non-processing area only).

(D)  Special Economic Zones for Free Trade and Warehousing [in addition to those listed at (A)]

1.     One First-Aid post or 10-beded Clinic/Poly clinic/Pharmacy/ Medical Center

(E)   Multi Product Special Economic Zones [in addition to those listed at (A)]

1.     First-Aid post(s) and/or 20-beded Clinic(s)/Poly clinic(s)/Pharmacy(s)/ Medical Center(s), one hospital (up to 50 bed) (in the non-processing area only).

2.     One Primary School (in the non-processing area only).

3.     Power (including power back up facilities) subject to power guidelines.

Note: “For IT/ITES/EHS, Bio-technology, Gems & Jewellery, Handicrafts sector, Non-Conventional Energy including solar energy equipments/cell and Stand alone FTWZs SEZs of 100 Hectares or more also, the above guidelines for Multi product SEZs shall be applicable ”.