Follow 7 Day Week in All SEZs

[Instruction No. 53 - No. D.12/22/2010-SEZ dated 29th April 2010]

Subject: DCs to put up a mechanism in place in all SEZs so that exports and import clearances take place all 7 days in a week.

In the SEZs it needs to be ensured that SEZ Developers and units are able to carry out the operations all the seven days in a week irrespective of any holiday. DCs should make an arrangement that on all holidays at least one shift of the customs is working from 10 AM to 6 PM. Also at least one ADC or DDC be available in office to attend to issues of units/Developers so that export and import activities are continuous in the SEZs. DCs may work out the arrangement in their respective SEZs and inform the arrangements about the functioning of Customs on the holidays to their respective units and Developers.

2.   Similarly Rule 50 of the SEZ Rules, 2006, permits temporary removal to the Domestic Tariff Area for the purpose of repair, Testing etc. Some time unit have to remove a part/spare in the DTA for repair etc urgently on any holiday it need to be seen that these kind of facility of temporary removal is extended to the unit so that the production is not stopped. DCs must put a system in place in their respective SEZ and notify the same.

3.   DCs may confirm by 30.04.2010 that this has been implemented.