First Time Importers to Produce Five Documents Compulsory from 4 Sept 09

[Customs Public Notice No. 59 dated 4th September 2009]

F.No. S/22-Gen-153/2009 AM(I)

Sub: Documents to be submitted by the first time importers through JNCH.

Ref: Public Notice No.38/2009 dtd.19.06.2009

The Public Notice No.38/2009 dtd.19.06.2009 interalia, envisages that the following documents are required to be submitted by the first time importers of consumer goods through JNCH.

(i) Copy of VAT/Sales Tax Registration Certificate.

(ii) Certificate from the Bank with whom the Bank account is being maintained by the importer certifying the signatures, name and address of the importer.

(iii) Proof of payment / remittance through the importers account.

(iv) Balance sheet of the previous year.

(v) Copy of the last Income Tax Return / VAT or Sales Tax Return filed.

2. In view of the possible mis-declaration of the description, value and quantity to Customs with a view to indulging in a chain of economic offences like non-payment of Sales Tax / VAT, Income Tax, Octroi, Money Laundering, generation of black money and violations of foreign exchange laws by importers of other goods (other than consumer goods) also, it has been decided to insist upon the above documents to be submitted by the first time importers of any goods including consumer goods.

3. Therefore, the Public Notice No.38/2009 dtd.19.06.2009, stands amended to the above extent, in order to make the same applicable to first time importers of all goods.

4. The contents of the above Public Notice may be brought to the notice of the Members of all trade associations and the Custom House Agents Association.