Chennai Customs Implements Faceless Assessment under Turant Customs Scheme on the BE Filed under Group 5A (Chapter 85) in Six Chennai Customs Zones

[Chennai Customs Public Notice No. 59/2019 dated 07.08.2019]

The following Public Notice was issued by the Chennai Customs on 7 August 2019

Sub: Implementation of faceless assessment in ICES - Goods filed under Chapter 8S (Group SA) under Turant Customs - Reg.

Kind attention of the Importers/Exporters, Custom Brokers, Shipping Lines/ Agents, Logistic Service Providers, CFS Custodians, Trade and Other Stakeholders is invited to the processing of Import Clearances in ICES. It is informed that automated queuing of Bills of Entry for OOC is already made operational from March 2019 under Turant Customs.

2. It is now proposed to implement a pilot project, for faceless assessment under Turant Customs Scheme on the Bills of Entry fll.ed under Group SA (Chapter 85) in all the six locations (INMAAl, INKATl, INENRl, INMAA4, INILP6 and INTVT6) under Chennai Customs Zone. The Bills of Entry filed under Chapter 85 will be marked by the system to Virtual Group. The assessment shall be carried out by the nominated officers of the Virtual Group on first-cum-first-served basis without any interface with stakeholders to reduce dwell time and to ensure uniformity in assessment practice.

3. There will be no change with regard to the filing of Bills of Entry for importers at any of the above six locations. The system will ensure the marking of bills to the nominated officers in the virtual group.

4. The Virtual Group dealing with commodities falling under Chapter 8S of the Customs Tariff will take up for scrutiny for assessment, Import permissibility angle etc.. and forward the Bills of Entry to Docks/CFS for examination and clearance as per the RMS instruction or examination order given by the assessing officers as the case may be. The Virtual Group will also attend to the Bills of Entry under different export promotion schemes and scrip's relating to/Chapter 8S. There would be no necessity for the nominated officers to contact the importers or their representatives, or vice versa. All examination related queries j orders will be looked into and replied to by the Docks/CFS officers.

5. However, the Group 5A will remain in all the locations to function for all other activities like bond management, amendments, recall of Bills of Entry, OOC Cancellation and Final assessment etc except assessment of Bills of Entry. It is informed that there is no change in the procedure at shed with regard to examination, drawing of sample, and will continue as at present.

6. The Importers and Customs brokers are advised to upload all the documents required for assessment without fail through e-Sanchit to facilitate quick assessment and speeder clearances.

7. The procedure mentioned in the Public Notice will come into force on 14.08.2019.

8. Difficulties, if any in following the procedure may please be brought to the notice of the Joint Commissioner of Customs (CCO)

F.No.CVIII/11/132/2019-CCO(Appg.Tech) Date: 0710812019