Factory Stuffing to Merchant Exporters, No Goods in the Factory Production to be Allowed apart from Perishable and Fragile Goods

[Customs Public Notice No. 61 dated 9th September 2009]

F.No.S/6-Gen-02/07 Exp FSP

Sub: Amendment to Public Notice No.57/2001 dated 03.09.2001 on procedure for Factory/Warehouse Stuffing Permission

Attention of all the Exporters, CHA and all concerned is invited to Public Notice No.57/2001 dated 03.09.2001.  In partial modification of the Public Notice, henceforth, the Merchant Exporters will be granted Factory/Warehouse stuffing permission only in case of the following export products :-

i)        All goods in the Factory of Production whether or not such goods are excisable;

ii)       Perishable frozen sea foods/fish/meat/similar items and agricultural horticulture and similar goods;

iii)   Articles of foods and pharmaceutical goods which require specialized packing in order to be protected from contamination, deterioration, etc;

iv)  Glassware and similar articles of fragile nature and

v)   Goods to be exported under duty free shipping bills.

2.   Factory/Warehouse stuffing permission will not be granted to the Merchant Exporters who intend to export items other than the items specified above.