FSSAI NOC for Food Items

SWIFT Reference Must be mentioned for Non-Food Items Import

[Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House, Nhava Sheva Public Notice No. 61/2018 dated 17 April 2018]

Subject: Selection of a food-items for FSSAI NOC, efforts to reduce unintended selection and also to reduce time taken to obtain NOC / Test Reports- reg.

Attention of all Custom Brokers, Importers, Members of the Trade and other stake holders is invited to the various Public Notices issued on the above mentioned subject.

2.    The trade has raised the issue that a large number and percentage of Bills of Entry pertaining to food items are being selected by system for NOC from FSSAI and thereby requested to take up the issue with the Single Window Authority.

3.    The Single Window Authority have been consulted in this regard and it has been informed by them that the facility for availing PGA exception is presently not available for FSSAI as no PEC has been created by FSSAI. However, there are other options available to reduce the unintended routing of Bills of Entry to FSSAI in case of import of non-food items. In this regard, the stakeholders are requested to refer to the SWIFT Reference (available at https://www.icegate.gov.in/Download/SWIFT_Quick_Referencer_V1.5.pdf) before filing PGA documents and fill the appropriate Grade (PHG, NPH or NFG) as applicable and FS related end uses viz. FSH100, FSH200, FSH700, FSH710, FSH750, FSH800, FSH900, FSH910, FSH920, FSH930 as applicable. The code descriptions are provided below for ready reference.



Code description


Item is pharma grade and or contains Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)


-Item is not Pharma grade and does not contain Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( Non APIs )


Item not meant for human or animal consumption


Food - For Consumer use under commercial distribution (Trading)- Retail or wholesale


Food - For manufacture/ commercial Processing (Manufacture/Actual Use)


Food -For Internal use in Hotels-Restaurant


Food -For Public Display or Exhibition


Food -For use in International Sports Events


Food -For Research Use


Food - For personal consumption


Food - For distribution in a natural disaster (if received gratis)


Food -For Charitable Use


Food -For use in a Diplomatic Establishment

4.    The trade is, however, cautioned against improper and incorrect use of the above codes to evade mandatory FSSAI NOC for food items, as it would render such goods prohibited and liable for confiscation under section 111 (d) of the Customs Act, 1962 being non-compliant to the FSSAI Act. Therefore, the trade should use the above codes correctly with utmost care.

5.    In view of the above, all the Custom Brokers, Importers, Members of the Trade and other stake holders are advised to avail the above mentioned facility at the time of filing Bills of Entry to avoid unintended routing of document to FSSAI for NOC. In case of any difficulty, the specific issue may be brought to the notice of Deputy/Assistant Commissioner in charge of Appraising Main (Import), NS-III (email address: appraisingmain.jnch@gov.in ).

6.    Action to be taken in terms of decisions taken in this Public Notice should be considered as standing order for the purpose of officers and staff.

F.No. S/22-Gen-402/2017-18/AM(I)