JNCH Customs Commissioner Requests Importers to Clear Consignments and Take Delivery without Delay

[JNCH Public Notice No. 61/2020 dated 27.04.2020]


Subject: Request to importers to clear consignments and take delivery without delay.

Attention of all importers/their representatives is invited to the lists of the import consignments pending at CFS which are being periodically displayed on JNCH website www.jawaharcustoms.gov.in and comprising categories of Out of Charge given, Bill of Entry not filed, Bill of Entry pending for duty payment or for goods registration, for the purpose that importers take actions for clearance of the goods.

Further importers are requested to avail filing of advance import declarations for expeditious customs clearance, make timely payment of duty and take the delivery of cleared goods without delay so that the Customs areas remain unclogged.

F.No. S/22-Gen-135/RMS FC/ 2019-20/JNCH