Show Test Certificate of Waste Paper to Docks Officer for Fast Clearance

The following Standing Order was issued by the Commissioner of Custom (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 16th September 2011.

[Customs Standing Order No. 67 dated 16th September 2011]

Sub: Import of Waste Paper.

Attention of all the Officers/Staff is invited to the Standing Order No. 21/2009 dated 12.05.2009, issued by this office in the matter of import of waste paper.

2.  As per para 6 of the said S.O. pre-shipment test analysis of the hazardous waste consignments from a laboratory accredited in the exporting country should be submitted to the Group for counter signature after which the same will be submitted by the importer at the time of examination to the examining officer.

3.  Representations have now been received from the Trade regarding difficulty with reference to compliance of para 6 of the said S.O. for submission of PSIC to the Group for endorsement and have made a request for endorsement of the PSIC prior to clearance of consignment.

4.  The matter has been examined and para 6 of the said S.O. is amended to the extent that PSIC of the hazardous waste consignment from an accredited laboratory by the DGFT should be submitted to the Docks or to the Group officer for endorsement according to the convenience of the importer. However, in respect of RMS facilitated bill of entry the PSIC will be endorsed by the examining officer.

5   The Standing Order no. 21/2009 dt. 12.05.09 stands modified only to the above extent.

6.  All the officers/staff of this Custom House are directed to take note of the above for necessary compliance.

F.No.:- S/26-Misc-144/2010 Group II B(now H-K)