Rectification of ‘L’ Error of Export of Bulk Liquid Cargo

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 21st July 2010.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 74 dated 21st July 2010]

Sub: Rectification of ‘L’ error in case of export of bulk liquid cargo.

Attention of all the Shipping Lines, members of the trade & CHAs is invited to the issue regarding the rectification of ‘L’ error in case of export of bulk liquid cargo. This issue has been raised in PTFC meeting also. Reference is also invited to minutes of PTFC meeting held on 30.09.2009, where this issue was raised.

2.   It has been observed that the liquid bulk cargo is loaded in the vessel directly through the pipe line from onshore. The exporter does not know the exact quantity of the liquid cargo that is to be loaded in the vessel, therefore, the shipping bill filed states the tentative amount of cargo. The captain of the ship issues the Ullage Report after receiving the cargo in his vessel wherein the exact quantity of liquid bulk cargo that has been loaded in the vessel is mentioned. The loading of the liquid bulk cargo in the vessel takes place under the supervision of the Boarding officer who also countersigns the Ullage Report. The final documentation (Shipping bills) mentioning the exact quantity of the liquid bulk cargo is, therefore, done after the receipt of the Ullage Report. It is important to note that the vessel sails immediately after the loading is completed, and since the final documentation takes place after the sailing of the vessel, invariably in such cases the ‘L’ error occurs.

3.   In order to simplify the procedure and facilitate the trade, the Asstt./Dy. Commissioner of the EGM Co-ordination Unit has been authorized to correct the above mentioned type of ‘L’ error. The AC / DC, while correcting such errors, shall examine the percentage of difference between both the quantities. If the difference is more than normal, the file may be submitted to JC / ADC alongwith the reasons for higher variation.

4.   The above mentioned trade facilitation measure may be brought to the notice of the concerned. Difficulties, if any, in this regard may be brought to the notice of the Commissioner of Customs (Export), JNCH.

5.   This Facility Notice shall come into force with effect from its date of issue.

F. No. S/6-ERR-1384/10 ECU D’Node