Revised Return Format for SAD Refund

[Customs Standing Order No. 74 dated 15th November 2010]

The following Standing Order was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Imports) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 15th November 2010.

Sub: Submission of Monthly Technical Report (MTR) in the revised format from the CRC

It is observed that the MTR in its present format, which is submitted by the CRC sections to CCO, is not depicting the data correctly. It was found that all the three sections of CRC i.e. CRC-I, CRC-II-A, CRC-II-B are sending the MTR in different formats. While depicting the figures headwise, some sections show the figure of issued deficiency memo as the disposal in the month and some sections add the figure in the closing balance.

In order to bring uniformity in practice, it is therefore directed that henceforth the MTR from the CRC sections will be submitted as per the format mentioned below:-

Item of Work

Opening Balance

Receipts During the Month

Disposal During the Month

Closing Balance

SAD Refund

Closing balance of previous month

Deficiency memo issued in the previous month

Fresh Application

Reply of deficiency memo

Disposal by way of sanction of refund

Disposal by way of issuance of Deficiency memo

Actual closing balance

Deficiency memo issued

Nos. of Cases









Amount of Refund. (Rs. In Lakhs)









F.N. S/26-MISC-35/2010-11, CRC, JNCH