No Hand Written Markings and Paper Stickers on Packages for Export

[Customs Public Notice No. 75 dated 28th July 2010]

Sub: Procedure regarding Carting of Export goods - marking of packages.

Attention of all the exporters, trade and industry, Custom House Agents and all concerned is invited in respect of the procedure for Carting of Export goods at various Container Freight Stations of Jawaharlal Nehru Port. It has been brought to our notice that some of the exporters are not affixing any marks and numbers on the packages. This has resulted into difficulties in selection of packages for examination.

2.     The goods brought for the purpose of examination and subsequent “Let Export” will be allowed entry to the Export Shed only on the strength of the carting permission given by the CFS and production of the checklist and declaration duly signed by the exporter / authorized representative. The Custodian will endorse the quantity actually carted on the reverse of checklist.

2.     It is also reiterated that in order to have proper checks and reducing the possibilities of manipulation, fraud, misrepresentation and substitution of goods etc. the following requirements for the marking of the packages should be fulfilled.

a)   All the packages brought for export should be stencil marked. Hand written markings and paper stickers etc. on packages shall not be accepted. In case of packing in bales where stencil marking is not possible, markings can be made on the cloth which is then properly stitched on to the bales. However, goods like tyres, tubes, etc. which cannot be stencil marked or with cloth stitched marked shall be exempt from the marking requirements mentioned above. Numbers should be given in a way to show total number of packages covered by the shipping bill i.e. if there are 50 packages, than

package no.1 should be marked as 1/50, No. 2 should be marked as 2/50 and so on.

b)   Total Consignment relating to one shipping bill should be stacked distinctly.

c)   The stencil or printing marking on all the packages should be distinct, bold and clear so that the packages can be easily identified and co-related with the respective shipping bills.

4.      The custodian shall necessarily check and verify the package numbers and number of packages along with the existing work of verifying the weight and confirming arrival of cargo.

5.      The Customs will register the shipping bill only after the full export goods are received in the Export Shed with proper marking and numbering on the packages.

6.     No examination of cargo shall be undertaken unless goods are properly marked in the manner as specified above.

7.     If any packages are found to be attempted to be exported without affixing marks and numbers as detailed above, appropriate action will be taken against the exporters under the law. The CHA / CFS found to be not adhering to the requirements of law will be proceeded against appropriately.

8.     The contents of this Public Notice may be communicated to all the members of trade through the respective associations.

9.     Any difficulty faced in implementation of this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately.

F.No.S/12-Gen- 42 /08 AM(X) JNCH