Import Delays

Meet Addl Commissioner on after 48 hrs, Commissioner after 96 hrs

[Customs Facility Notice No. 76 dated 16th October 2009]

Sub: Grievance redressal in case of delay in clearance of Bills of Entry beyond the stipulated time.

Attention of the trade is invited to the Citizensí Charter, wherein the Central Board of Excise and Customs has set up service delivery standards for itself while providing services to the trade, industries and other stakeholders. As per the standards, certain time norms have been set for clearance of goods. In case of imports, where the declaration relating to any consignment is complete and correct, the time norm set for clearance of goods is within 48 hours of filing of declaration.

2.†† However, in some cases grievances have been received that despite furnishing complete and correct declaration, the goods are not cleared timely. In this context, trade is advised that in case of any delay beyond the period as stipulated above, it should approach the Additional/Joint Commissioner of Customs of the concerned section/group for the redressal of their grievances. If the clearance is delayed beyond a period of 96 hours after the filing of complete and correct declaration as envisaged under the Citizensí Charter and despite bringing it to the notice of the higher officer as aforesaid, the trade may approach the Commissioner of Customs for the redressal of their grievances. In case of non redressal of issue at Commissionerís level, matter may be brought to the notice of the Chief Commissioner.

3.†† Similarly, in case of any delay beyond the stipulated time norms in respect of other deliverables enumerated in the Citizensí Charter, trade is advised to take recourse to the hierarchical remedy outlined in the preceding para.

4.†† Copy of Citizensí Charter has been displayed at various places at JNCH, and hosted on and

F. No.S/V-30-Misc(288)/09 CCO M II