Declaration of Vague Description in Filing Bill of Entry Relating to Alloys of Steel

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House on 16th August 2010.

[Customs Public Notice No. 81 dated 16th August 2010]

Subject: Declaration of vague description in filing bill of entry relating to Alloys of Steel.

Attention of all Importers, CHA, Trade and all other concerned is invited towards public notice no.42/2010 regarding the data quality of imported goods. It is noticed that some of the Importers/CHAs are still not declaring the complete description of goods and instead continue to submit vague description of goods which makes it difficult to decipher the exact nature and composition of the goods  because of which it becomes difficult to verify the correctness of the classification and valuation of the consignments imported.

2.   In this regard, all the Importers/CHAs are directed to compulsorily furnish the composition in respect of import of rolled products, pipes, rod bars and  similar other items of alloy (Ferrous and non-ferrous), segments, welding wire and rods, saw blade, and steel other than mild steel and carbon steel. In cases of mild steel and plain carbon steel, the same is required to be mentioned.

3.   In all such cases where complete details regarding composition are not furnished, documents shall be returned for incorporating the same. Since, this mandatory requirement is not being complied by a large number of importers/CHAs, it has been decided to take stern action in case of non-compliance.  In case, an importer/CHA repeatedly fails to furnish the complete details in documents furnished by him,  appropriate penal action would be initiated including suspension of license of CHA, wherever situation so warrants.

F.No.S/26-Misc-673/2009-2010 Gr.IV