DFIA Verification by Customs only on DGFT Request

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) JNCH on 10 June 2011

[Ref: Public Notice No. 86 dated 10 June 2011]

Subject:- Verification of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA).

Attention of all the Importers/Exporters/CHA and all concerned is invited to S.O. No.56/2009 dt.17.11.2009, S.O No.41/2011 dt. 13.05.11 and Public Notice No. 85/2009, dt.17.11.2009. Where in procedure was prescribed for Verification of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA). Taking into account the Changes brought in by the Board Circular No.5/2010-Cus dt.16.03.2010 and Instruction dt.18.01.2011, the Procedure for Verification of DFIA is now amended as under:

1.  The DFIA Verification Cell will verify DFIA authorizations, wherever the Export Obligation Discharge Certificate issued by DGFT bears the requirement that the Custom department should carry out verification. The Department, of course, retains the right to carry out complete verification on a specific intelligence basis suggesting misuse.

2.  Where DGFT does not write anything in the EODC or does not require Custom Authorities to verify the EODC, then in that case the authorization holder need not approach the DFIA Verification Cell for verification of their authorization, In such cases, the Authorization holders.

(a) where the export is completed and import is to be done should approach to licence section for registration of their Authorization.

(b) where export and import both is completed, the Authorization holder should submit the EODC and other relevant documents to the DFIA Monitoring Cell for Cancellation of their Bond.

3.  Earlier public notice is modified to that extent.

4.  Any difficulty faced by the Trade in implementing the above may be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately.

F. NO. S/6- Gen- DFIA(V) 02/2011