Re-export of Imported Cargo from CFS Procedure Relaxed

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 16th June 2011.

[Customs Public Notice No. 90 dated 16th June 2011]

Subject: Procedure to be followed in respect of re-export of Imported goods which are not sought to be cleared for home consumption by importer.

Reference is invited to Public Notice 95/2003 dated 07.11.2003 on the above subject.

2.   The Trade has represented that in case of re-export of import cargo, goods are required to be moved from the import shed /bond to the export shed under preventive supervision by paying MOT charges. This results in double handling of goods, delay in clearances, payment of MOT charges for movement within the CFS and consequent increase in the transaction cost for the said export.

This happens in the following cases, namely:

(i)   Re-export of import cargo from the same CFS,

(ii)  Re-export from the same CFS where goods are stored in bond under section 49/section 59,

(iii)  Re-export of import cargo from the same CFS for which waiver from physical bonding has been granted.

Therefore, the trade requested that a simplified procedure may be laid down in this regard.

3.   The matter has been examined and the procedure is prescribed as below:-

4.   In the aforesaid cases, after the shipping Bill for re-export has been marked to the AC/DC (Export Docks) of the export shed concerned, the said AC/DC shall depute a P.O. posted in export shed to escort the goods from the import shed / bond to the export shed within the same CFS. Accordingly, the requirement of payment of MOT is being done away with.

5.   As regards the examination of the said goods at the time of re-export, it may be noted that Public Notice No 95/2003 dated 07.11.2003, stipulates that in case the goods have already been examined by the Import group/docks at the time of import and the said goods as such have been shifted to the shed under P.O. supervision, there need not be any further examination at the time of re-export.

6.   The aforesaid procedure shall come into force with immediate effect and shall be followed by the officers and staff concerned.

7.    Any Difficulty noticed in the implementation of this Standing order may be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

F.NO.S/12-Gen-26/2011-12 AM(X)