Mill Test Certificate and Country of Origin Must for Steel Sheets Imports

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 2nd December 2009.

[Customs Public Notice No. 92 dated 2nd December 2009]

Subject: Assessment / Examination of Prime Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets/ Coils/ Plates/ Tin Plates etc. Instructions.

It is prescribed in Bureau of Indian Standards, ASTM and Other International Standards that the purchaser of Steel products shall obtain a proper Mill Test Certificate (MTC) from the manufacturer wherever required and the goods shall be marked with the details such as manufacturers’ name, specification, heat numbers, dimensions, finish, chemical composition etc. Accordingly, it has been the practice to assess the consignments of H.R./C.R.  Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets/ Coils/ Plates/ Tin Plates etc. declared to be Prime / Stock Lot/ Ex-Stock/ Prime Excess on the basis of a proper Mill Test Certificate containing the details viz. Heat Number, finish, quality, dimensions, chemical composition etc. However, it has been noticed that some of the Importers/CHAs are not producing MTC and such documents to verify the correctness of the declaration regarding Prime / Stock Lot/ Ex-Stock nature of consignments being imported.

2.   In this regard, all the Importers/CHAs are directed to furnish inter alia, the following documents wherever consignments of H.R./ C.R. Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets/ Coils/ Plates declared to be Prime/ Stock Lot/ Ex-Stock / Prime Excess are imported:-

1)   Copy of Invoice

2)   Copy of Packing List indicating details of Sizes, quantity, weight, thickness etc. 

3)   Manufacturer’s Mill Test Certificate certifying, Heat No., finish, Chemical Composition, Grade etc.,

4)   Country of Origin Certificate (Original), and

5)   Bill of Lading.

3.   The officers in Docks while examining such consignments are required to compare the details given in the MTC with those marked on goods/ Packages.  If the importer fails to submit such a MTC, the claim made by importers that goods are  Prime / Stock lot / Ex-stock / Prime Excess may not be accepted and all such consignments shall be considered as “ Secondary / Defective / Seconds” only and assessed accordingly.

In case of doubt regarding the nature/grade of the goods, the goods may be referred for test or to SIIB for further investigation, if necessary.

[F.No. S/22-Gen-274/2009 AM(I)]