Procedure for Disposal of Grievance Special Watch

The following Facility Notice was issued by the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai-II JNPT on 3 December 2009.

[Customs Facility Notice No. 93 dated 3rd December 2009]

Sub: Procedure for handling Grievance received from trade and other stake holders

Various references including complaints are received from time to time in the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Commissioner of Customs (Imports), Commissioner of Customs (Exports) and Additional Commissioners/Joint Commissioners from Trade and other Stake holders for redressal of grievances they have in Customs matters. These grievances are being monitored presently as Grievance Special Watch and are being attended to in time bound manner so as to ensure highest level of services delivery to all the Stake holders and Trade. Considering the volume of Grievance Special Watch being received, it has been decided to formalize the process for the disposal of such communications/Correspondence by adopting the following procedures with immediate effect.

2.  The procedure for disposal of Grievance Special Watch:

(A)  Chief Commissioner’s Office

The communications/correspondences addressed to Chief Commissioner are received by Senior PA/Staff in the Chief Commissioner’s Office. Upon receipt, the Senior P.A. would segregate the communications/correspondence wherever any redressal of grievance is sought and mark it as “Grievance Special Watch (GSW)”. An entry of GSW would be made in the register made in this regards. Upon making entry in GSW register, Sr PA would send a copy of GSW to the concerned Deputy Commissioner. Simultaneously, GSW would be put up for perusal and directions of the Chief Commissioner. The Concerned Dy. Commissioner, within a period of 3-4 hours, will report to the Chief Commissioner, along with the file, the reasons for pendency or non-redressal of grievance. In this context, wherever necessary, the concerned Addl. Commissioner/Joint Commissioner will also be present in this discussion. Based on the facts and information available with the Department/in the file, a view would be taken as to whether the issue could be resolved and grievance could be redressed by the Department or as to whether for lack of information or for any other reasons, the redressal of grievance is not feasible immediately. In cases where delay is anticipated, the complainant would be informed, on the same day or latest by next day, the reasons for non-redressal. Further, requirement of any information from the complainant would also be spelt out in this communication. In other cases, expeditious action would be taken to resolve the issue at the earliest but not later than three working days. The decision/action taken for grievance redressal would be communicated to the complainant by post/fax/e-mail.

(B)   Disposal of complaints received by Commissioner of Customs (Import) Commissioner of Customs (Export), and Additional/Joint Commissioner:

The above procedure, as outlined in respect of grievances addressed to Chief Commissioner, would mutatis-mutandis apply to the complaints addressed to and dealt by Commissioner of Customs (Import), Commissioner of Customs (Export), and Additional/Joint Commissioner, whether or not endorsed to the Chief Commissioner. In case complaints are endorsed to the Chief Commissioner, a copy of reply indicating the action taken will be endorsed to Chief Commissioner Office.

3.  The objective of this Facility Notice is to make Public/Trade/Stake holders aware of the Grievance Redressal Mechanism that has been put in place to fulfill our commitment for highest level of service delivery.

4.  Any difficulty faced in implementation of this Facility Notice may be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately.

This issues with the approval of the Chief Commissioner.

F.No.S/V-21 (107)/2009-CCO M.II