Stencil Marking on Export Packages Not Necessary

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 17th September 2010.

[Customs Public Notice No. 93 dated 17th September 2010]

Sub: Amendment to Public Notice No. 75/2010 dated 28.07.2010 in respect of Procedure regarding Carting of Export goods - marking of packages.

1.†† Attention of all the exporters, trade and industry, Custom House Agents and all concerned is invited to Para 3 of Public Notice No. 75/2010 dated 28.07.2010 wherein all packages brought for export were required to be stencil marked. Representations have been received from the trade with regard to the difficulties faced by them in stencil marking on the packages.

2.†† The matter has been examined. Accordingly the clause (a) of Para 3 of Public Notice No. 75/2010 dated 28/07/2010 is replaced as under:

ďAll the packages brought for export shall have markings which are indelible and permanent in nature. Further, it may be noted that no overwriting of numbers/markings will be allowed.

3.†† Public Notice No. 75/2010 dated 28.07.2010 stands modified to the above extent, all the other conditions remaining the same.

4.†† Difficulties faced, if any, in following the above procedure, should be brought to the notice of Dy./Asst. Commissioner of Customs, in-charge who will take appropriate decisionin the matter on a case to case basis.

F.No.S/12-Gen- 42 /08 AM(X) JNCH