Manual Filing for AEO T1 to Continue till End of Financial Year 2018-19

·    Online Website for EDI to Operate in Parallel

·    Audit Frequency Elongated to Once in Three years

[Mumbai Air Cargo Public Notice: 93/2018 dated 19.12.2018]

Subject: Digitization of AEO Program and AEO Web Application

Reference is drawn to AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) program and its decentralization to Zonal level vide Circular No. 26/2018 dated 10.08.2018. Now _keeping in line with the target of digitization, an online AEO website has been made operative for online filing and processing of AEO T1 applications. The website has a· domain name

2. AEO T1 application along with annexures may be filed online, now onwards, by the applicants. These applications will be processed digitally by Customs officials· and digitized AEO Certificate will be generated for newly filed applications.

3. For ensuring seamless transition to the online web-application, it has· been decided to concurrently continue with the manual filing and processing of AEO Tl applications up to 31.03.2019. However, applicants are encouraged to use online mode to obviate any delay in processing of the applications.

4. Further, interval ·for OSPCA (On Site Post Clearance Audit) for AEO Tl entities ·has been extended to 3 years from existing 2 years vide Circular No. 51/2018-Customs dated 07.12.2018. Master Circular No. 33/2016 dated .22.07.20l6 stands modified to this extent.

5. Difficulties, if any, may be brought to notice of Addl.//Joint Commissioner AEO Cell, Export, ACC.

6. It may be treated as Standing order for Custom officials.

7. This issues with the approval of Commissioner of Customs, Export ACC.

F.No.S/3-Misc-26/2017-18/E&T(X) ACC