Exporters Must Submit Letter from Banker Regarding Reasons of Non-acceptance of Drawback Amount into their Account

The following Public Notice was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 18th July 2011.

[Customs Public Notice No. 98 dated 18th July 2011]

Subject:  Issuance of Manual cheque for drawback amount due to discrepancies in exporters account.

Attention of all Importers / Exporters / CHAs and all concerned is invited to the Public Notice 80/2009 dated 21.10.2009 on the captioned issue and to the Public Notice 90/2010 dated 14.09.2010 on the signing of all correspondence with proper names and designation. The contents of both the Public Notices may be communicated once again to all the members of the trade through their respective Associations to follow scrupulously.

In partial modification of the Public Notice 80/2009 dated 21.10.2009, the following procedure is henceforth prescribed to be followed for the proper verification of the authority letter of the exporter to their CHA or representative and the bank of the exporter must certify the require bank details, which were furnished by the exporters at the inception of their export to the Nodal Bank of JNCH.

(i)   Whenever, the exporter submits request letter to the Drawback section for the issuance of manual cheques or any authority letter to their CHA/ employee/ representative in this behalf, then it must be ensured that their letter is duly attested by their bankers to certify the authenticity of the signatory names and designation. The original copy of the said authority letter will be retained by the dealing STA of the Drawback section for the future reference, if any.

(ii)  It is observed that most of the exporters never submit any explanation/reasons of non-receipt of drawback amount in their account. It is decided that the exporters must mention the exact reasons in their request letter and also submit a letter from their banker regarding the reasons of non-acceptance of the drawback amount into their account of their banker branch through drawback scroll transmitted by the Nodal Bank of JNCH before their claim is processed by the  drawback section of the Customs.

(iii) Any difficulties faced in implementing this Public Notice may be brought to the notice of Addl./Dy./Asstt. Commissioner of Customs of the Drawback Section, JNCH or the undersigned, if not resolved.

F. No. S/12-Gen-1004/2010 DBK (JNCH)