After 15 years of Anti-dumping Duty Protection, Injection Moulding Machines from China and Taiwan under DGTR Lens, DGTR Heeds Plastic Association Complaint, Investigation Launched again based on Artificial Constructed Price

         Only China and Taiwan Targeted this Time as against Seven in Previous Hit List

[DGTR Initiation Notification Case No. AD (OI)-08/2024 dated 29.03.2024]

         The product under consideration in the present investigation is Plastic Processing Machines (PPM) or Injection Moulding Machines also known as injection presser used for processing and moulding of plastic materials.

         The scope of the product under consideration includes all kinds of plastic processing or injection moulding machines, having clamping force not less than 40 tonnes and not above 3200 tonnes. The product under consideration also includes machines in fully assembled, semi knocked down (SKD), complete knocked down form (CKD), subassemblies.

         Imports from China PR, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and United States of America were subject to anti-dumping duty from a period from 23rdIanuary 2008 till 9thFebruary 2022

         A plastic processing machine in semi knocked down stage shall mean a plastic processing machine which is not fully assembled but is transacted as a plastic processing machine with all essential components not fitted together and the machine is not ready to use.

         A plastic processing machine in completely knocked down stage shall mean a plastic processing machine in its incomplete or unfinished form, has the essential character of the complete machine when put together, and contains all critical components, barring widely used components.

         Sub-assemblies specifically for plastic processing machine.

Types of products excluded from the scope of the product under consideration:

i.        Blow moulding machines classified under Custom Tariff Act, 1975 under subheading 8477 30 04.

ii.        Vertical injection moulding machines.

iii.        All electric injection moulding machines wherein the mechanical movements such as injection, moulding closing, moulding opening, ejection, screw-drive etc. are controlled by independent servo motor s and having digital control system and without hydraulic unit.

iv.        Multi-colour/ multi-mould machinery for making footwear, rotary injection moulding machinery for making footwear and footwear sole/strap/heel injection moulding machine classified under the Custom Tariff Act, 1975 under sub-heading 8453.

v.        Second hand/used plastic processing machines.