BIS Offers Antiboycott Resource on the Web

[ABS News Service/30.03.2024]

The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security has published a new resource for companies, financial institutions, freight forwarders and others to help them identify boycott-related requests they may receive during the regular course of business.

The resource is a public list of entities who have been identified as having made a boycott-related request in reports received by BIS.

The list is posted on the Office of Antiboycott Compliance webpage with the objective of helping US persons comply with the antiboycott regulations set forth in Part 760 of the Export Administration Regulations.

“Today’s announcement reflects BIS’s enhanced enforcement of the antiboycott regulations, including a focus on not just those receiving, but also those making, boycott requests,” said Commerce Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Matthew Axelrod. “By publishing this list, we aim to raise awareness of the sources of past boycott requests, facilitate fulfillment of the antiboycott reporting requirements, and deter foreign parties from imposing – and US parties from acquiescing to – boycott-related requests and conditions.”

Each entity on this list has been recently reported to BIS on a boycott request report form, as required by Section 760.5 of the EAR, as having made a boycott-related request in connection with a transaction in the interstate or foreign commerce of the United States. The list is not exhaustive and will be updated quarterly.

US persons are encouraged to diligently review transaction documents from all sources, but especially transaction documents with or involving these listed parties – given that they’ve been identified by others as a source of boycott requests – to identify possible boycott-related language and to determine whether US persons have a reporting requirement to BIS pursuant to Part 760 of the EAR, BIS said.