DGTR Drops Provisional Anti-dumping Duty on Di Methyl Formamide (DMF) from China PR, Saudi Arabia and Germany in Final Findings

·    No Significant Injury to Domestic Industry Noticed

[Final Finding Notification (Case No. OI-42/2017) [6/37/2017-DGAD dated 23 October 2018]

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RECOMMENDATION: The Authority notes that the investigation was initiated and notified to all the interested parties and adequate opportunity was given to the domestic producers, exporters, importers and other interested parties to provide positive information on the aspects of dumping, injury and causal link. Having initiated and conducted the present investigation into dumping, injury and the causal link thereof in terms of the AD Rules it is established that the domestic industry is not suffering injury on account of the subject imports from the subject countries and there is no causal link between the dumped imports material injury to the domestic industry due to reasons given above. The Authority is of the view that imposition of antidumping duty is not warranted in the present investigation. In view thereof the Designated Authority considers it appropriate to not recommend Anti-Dumping Duty in respect of ‘Di Methyl Formamide’ (DMF) from China PR, Saudi Arabia and Germany into India.

An appeal against this notification shall lie before the Customs, Excise, and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal in accordance with the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 and the decision on Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in M/s Jindal Poly Film Ltd. v. Designated Authority W.P. (Civil) No. 8202/2017.