Delhi Customs Arrest Smugglers after finding Heroin Stashed in Shampoo Bottles on Dubai Flight

·    Afghan Stashes 700 gms Gold Paste in undergarments

Almost 20kg of the drug was hidden in about 50 bottles of shampoo and hair dye

Two people were arrested after a bid to smuggle heroin into India from Dubai was foiled by customs officials.

Delhi Airport authorities stopped two Afghan citizens on June 4 who were carrying 19.48 kilograms of the drug disguised as shampoo and hair dye.

The passengers travelled on flight EK516 from Dubai to Delhi and were arrested under India’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

The black, viscous liquid made to look like shampoo was concealed inside about 50 plastic bottles.

Officials posted a video online showing how the substance was checked in an airport trace portal machine and the drugs discovered.

In April, drugs worth $121 million (Dh446m) were seized in the Middle East and North Africa by Interpol under Operation Lionfish.

Busts involved 41 law enforcement agencies with 287 arrests made.

Last month, The National revealed how authorities in Chennai, India, intercepted 2.5kg of gold granules hidden in four containers of instant orange drink Tang.

The haul was worth an estimated Dh600,000 and arrived in a postal parcel delivered on air freight.

On the same day, Chennai customs recovered bundles of gold paste worth about Dh200,000.

The package was concealed in the underwear of a passenger arriving on an Air India morning flight from Dubai.

Only 24 hours earlier, the same customs authority found 251 grams of gold with a value of about Dh60,000 hidden inside a vacuum cleaner.

A passenger had taken the appliance on a flight from Dubai in the hope of evading import duty.

Delhi Airport Customs arrested an Afghan National who arrived from Kabul by Flight RQ915 dated 20/6/21 for smuggling 707gm gold valued at Rs.31.67 lakh in form of Chemical paste concealed in underpants worn by him. Pax also admitted to previous smuggling of 348gm gold.