Europe India Business Leaders to Meet in Brussels on 10 Apr for Post Brexit Collaborations

The discussions will be held at European Parliament in Brussels during Europe India Business Leaders Conference on 10th  April

With uncertainty surrounding the future of Brexit, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry (EICBI), a London based think tank, is bringing together leaders and other stakeholders from UK, India and EU as part of its efforts to provide a common platform to address concerns and showcase opportunities in the Post Brexit world. These interactions will be held during the ‘Europe India Business Leaders Conference 2019’ at European Parliament in Brussels on 10th April and will be chaired by Member of European Parliament and Vice Chair of European Parliament delegation for relations with India, Hon Caroline Nagtegaal,

The conference has received confirmations from trade body leaders, European commission officials, embassy officials, Members of European Parliament, policy leaders and business leaders from EU, India and UK. Some of the speakers who are expected to share their thoughts include Mr Niccolň Rinaldi who is the Head of Unit for Asia, Australia and New Zealand/ Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union - European Parliament, Mr. Adam Mouchtar who is the Managing Director of EU 40 which represents Member of European Parliament below the age of 40, Ms. Urša Pondelek who is the ALDE Policy Advisor, International Trade Committee (INTA) EU-India Delegation amongst others.

Europe India Business Leaders Conference will be the 23rd interaction organised by EICBI and its associate organisation, Sivaleen, in the British Parliament and European Parliament during the course of this decade. The conference is also expected to release its annual list of Top EU India Young leaders below the age of 40 at the European Parliament and the list will include young leaders who are playing a key role in developing a stronger EU India relation by not only seeking personal profit but are also committed to fostering closer cooperation between India and the EU.

Hon Caroline Nagtegaal, who is also the Patron of Europe India Centre for Business Industry, mentioned “Fostering ever closer cooperation between India and the EU, the two largest multiparty democracies in the world, is of great importance. The goal of the summit is to inspire business leaders from EU and India about the potential of EU India relations for a deeper commercial relationship.