Valuation of Polymers Withdrawn

[Customs Standing Order No. 02 dated 7th January 2010]

The following Standing Order was issued by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House on 7th January 2010.

Sub: Guidelines for Valuation of Polymers and their Products, under the Provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.

Ref: (i) Valuation Alert No. 03/2009 dt. 26.03.2009 issued from F. No. VAL/TECH/56/2008 by DG, Valuation, Mumbai.

(ii) Letter of DG (Valuation) vide F. No. VAL/TECH/56/2008 dt. 10.12.2009

The Standing Order No. 12/2009 dt. 31.03.2009 and 25/2009 dt. 28.05.2009 was issued based on the Alert No. 03/2009 dt. 26.03.2009 (Ref (i) above). In pursuance of the representation of the Trade, the DG (Valuation) vide reference (ii) above has conveyed the following:-

(a)  The matter has been re-examined by the Directorate in view of the various representations from trade/industry associations and reports from the field formations.

(b)  After due consideration, it has been decided not to interfere with the S.O. No. 7493/99 dated 03.12.1999 issued by Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai and the same may continue.  Therefore Valuation Alert No. 3/2009 dated 26.03.2009 issued by this Directorate is rescinded.

(c)  The Provisional assessment may be finalized accordingly.

2.   In light of above directions by DG (Valuation) the Standing Order No. 12/2009 dt. 31.03.2009 and 25/2009 dt. 28.05.2009 is hereby withdrawn. 

3.   The assessment of the subject goods shall be made in compliance to the above directions of the DG (Valuation) with immediate effect and until further directions from DG (Valuation).

F.No. S/26-Misc.- 1321 /2007-08 Gr. II C & D