Unaccompanied Baggage Clearance Procedure

[Customs Standing Order No. 01 dated 6th January 2010]

The following Standing Order was issued by Commissioner of Customs (Export) Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House on 6th January 2010.

Subject: Clearance of Baggage at Unaccompanied Baggage Centre, J.N. Custom House, Nhava Sheva- Working procedure.

It is brought to the notice of all passengers / CHAs/ and staff posted at U B Centre JNCH that all Examination of unaccompanied baggages imported at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Shava, Tal. Uran Dist Raigad -400707 is henceforth centralized at Speedy C.F.S, Sonari Village, w.e.f 15.01.2010.

2    The procedure relating to the examination of baggage at the Unaccompanied Baggage Centre, JN Custom House has been examined and the following guidelines/procedures (until clearance through EDI system is introduced) mentioned hereunder are prescribed superseding all the earlier instructions issued in this regard : -

3    After the U.B. sheets of the IGMs are received from the Steamer Agents, the entry would be made in the Noting Register, indicating the “IGM No./date: “Item No.” “Vessel /Voy No.”, “Name of the passenger” & “Baggage shipped from”. The remaining two columns to indicate the “B.D.F No/date & CHA/Self” would be filled in when the BDF would be filed against the entry, after which the entry would be closed in the Noting Register as well as in the U.B. Sheet of the IGM. When all the unaccompanied baggage of an IGM are noted for clearance, the closed U.B. sheet of the IGM should be sent to MCD for records.

4    When the Baggage Declaration form (BDF) is submitted by the passenger or by his/her CHA, the BDF should be entered in the BDF Register, which should have column viz.

(1) BDF No. and date,

(2) Name / address of passenger,

(3) Nationality/Passport No./date and place of issue,

(4) Name and No. of CHA,

(5) TR/Visit,

(6) Baggage shipped from IGM/Item,

(7) No. of packages,

(8) Declared value,

(9) Name of P.O/Supdt.,

(10) Assessable value

(11) Duty paid,

(12) D.D.R. No. & date,

(13) Cash No. & date,

(14) Remarks.

5    Before accepting the BDF, it must be ensured that the Description, Make, Model, Quantity and Value of the items are properly declared by the passenger. The total value of the goods must be declared clearly. The clubbing of value of different items should not be allowed. Any goods, which has value of more than Rs. 1000/- should be cleared separately. All columns of the BD Forms must be filled in before submission to Customs. In case any change is sought to be made in the BDF or TR Form by the passenger after filing, a written permission from the AC/DC, UBC must be taken.

6    Passenger claiming benefits under Rule 8 of the Baggage Rules, 1998 for Transfer of Residence (TR) must sign the TR Form before the Superintendent / U.B.Centre and in case of extreme case of inability to do so, can sign the TR Form before an authorized Notary. The passenger must properly fill all the columns of the TR Form which would be then registered in the T.R Register. Original Passport in all cases must be presented to Customs for verification.

7    In terms of Board’s letter F.NO. 497/92-Cus VI Dated 8th April, 1993 benefits under Rule 8 of the baggage Rule, 1998 should be subjected to examination of only up to 10% of the total packages in Annexure I, II & III of the Rule 8. Packing List in such cases must be submitted by the Passenger along with the BDF in order to select the packages for 10% examination. Full examination should be resorted to only in such cases where any discrepancy is noticed on percentage examination. In all other cases where there is no packing list the baggage should be examined fully.

8    Import of goods in baggage in commercial quantities should not be permitted within the scope of Baggage Rules in terms of Board’s circular No. 29/2000-Cus dated 11.04.2000. In such cases full examination of the baggage must be carried out and these cases should be put up for adjudication for imposition of suitable redemption fine/personal penalties etc. However, the portion of baggage which is not in commercial quantity would be eligible to baggage allowance under the Baggage Rules, 1998. The details of such cases should be registered in the Adjudication (ITC) Register of the U.B Centre.

9    After the Baggage Declaration Form (BDF) is accepted and BDF number is written on it, the BDF should be submitted to the Supdt./U.B Centre who would scrutinize the documents and after finding those in order would mark the BDF to the Inspector (Prev Officer) for examination.

10  Baggage would be examined by the Inspector (Prev. Officer) in terms of the instructions at serial No. 5 & 6 above, under the general supervision of the Superintendent, UB Centre and in presence of the passenger or the Custom House Agent (CHA) appointed by the passenger for the purpose.

11  After examination, the report should be submitted to the Asstt./Dy.Commissioner, U.B Centre or the Commissioner through the Superintendent, UB Centre depending on the statutory requirement under the Baggage Rules, 1988 in respect of the BDF.

12  All the BDFs which are under the claim of benefit under Rule 8 or Rule 5 of the Baggage Rules 1998 and the BDFs where the total value of goods exceeds Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. one lakh only) must be put up to the Asstt./Dy. Commissioner of Customs UB Centre through the Supdt., U.B Centre for sanction/clearance.

13  The BDFs where the total value of goods is Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. one lakh) only or below and claim under Rule 5 or Rule 8 of the Baggage Rules, 1998 are not made, the Supdt.U.B Centre may allow clearance of the baggage free or after charging appropriate duty as the case may be, under the provisions of the Baggage Rules, 1998.

14  In case benefit under Rule 5 ( c ) or Rule 8 of the Baggage Rules 1998 is granted to a passenger, endorsement on his/her passport must be made before giving out of charge. All relevant entries must be completed in the BDF/TR/ITC Register immediately which giving out of charge.

15  A baggage Screening X-ray machine EQ-XBIS ECR 530 has been installed at Speedy CFS for the purpose of screening the baggage. It has been decided that all Unaccompanied Baggage would be subjected to 100% screening through the X-ray machine w.e.f. 15.01.2009. However, exceptions may be made in case of Over Dimensional Packages and packages that cannot pass through the X-ray machine. In case any discrepancy is noticed in any of the baggage during screening, the same shall be subjected to examination as per usual procedure. The unaccompanied baggage that is not screened shall also be subjected to examination as per the usual procedure.

16  Difficulties faced if any, in implementation of their standing order may please be brought to the notice of the undersigned.

F.No: S/43-Misc-07./2006 UBC JNCH