FTP Notifications

AA/EPCG/DFIA to be Migrated to New DGFT Online Environment from 1 Dec 2020

·   Amendments of any Advance Authorisation, EPCG or DFIA Licences will be temporarily suspended from 12:00 PM on 20 to 30 Nov 2020


DGFT Invites Suggestions and Inputs for New Five Year Foreign Trade Policy thru Google Form

No more long representations, views only on online mode


Export of Milk and Milk Products (Quality Control, Inspection and Monitoring) Rules, 2020

The Current Rules 2020 supersedes Export of Milk Products (Quality Control, Inspection and Monitoring) Rules, 2000.

Min of Commerce Notification S.O. 4032(E) dated 9 November 2020

Potatoes Import from Bhutan Allowed without License till 31 Jan 2021, Others Restricted

·    Phytosanitary Barriers will Remain?


DGFT Bans Export of Onion Seeds


Email Ids to be Registered in DGFT, IEC to be Updated in Revamped DGFT Online Environment


RoDTEP Committee Asks for Data in Ch 86, 88 and 89


Export of Nitrile/NBR Gloves Quota Fixed at One crore pairs for the month of Oct and Nov 2020


Nitrile/NBR Gloves Exports Shifted Downwards to Restricted from Prohibited List


Air Conditioners Import with Refrigerants are Prohibited


Hand Sanitizers in Container with Dispenser Pumps Freely Exportable

·   Relief to Covid-19 Industry with Free Exportability


Four More FTAs Added under Electronic Platform for Preferential Certificate of Origin (CoO)


Procedure and Criteria for Submission and Approval of Applications for Export of Diagnostic Kits


Krishnapuram and Bangalore Rose Onions 10,000 MT each Quota Opened for Export for Shipment till 31 March 2021

·   Shipment Allowed through Chennai Port only

·   Ban Continues on Regular Onions


Duty Free Tyres Import under DFIA Scheme Withdrawn


RoSL Incentive will be on Scrip Mode on the Lines of MEIS


Face Mask Export Bans Lifted

·    N95/FFP2 Masks are Freely Exportable Now


Steel Supplied through Market Chain Eligible for DBK, Invoicing Must be Advance Authorisation Holder


Existing LCs for Banned Onion Exports will not give right to Onion Exports, DGFT Yet to decide on Export

·    Para 1.05 for Transitional Arrangements Protect Prior Commitments before Policy Change Facing New Interpretation


SOP for Endorsement of KP Certificates


Import of All Steel Items (Ch 72, 73) and some Railway (Ch 86) must Register in SIMS from 16 Oct 2020


LED Imports subject to Random Customs Inspection for Adherence to BIS Standards

·   New Check in Addition to BIS CRO Certificate under 2017 Standards, Double Restriction on Imports?


Onion Exports Banned without Protection to Past Contracts, Essential Commodities Act Promise of Free Movement Violated


Advance Authorisation and EPCG Licence with Unit Quantity Code Not Compatible with Customs Code to be Revised, Only Standard UQC to be used after 1 Nov 2020


RoSCTL for Garment and Made-ups for 2020-21 Exports Functional

DGFT website

MEIS Cut to only with Ceiling of Rs. 2 crs per IEC

·   Further Cuts may be in Store Since Budget for All MEIS Set at Rs. 5,000 crs

·   IEC with Zero Export in Last One year not Eligible

·   MEIS Final Sunset on year end 31 Dec 2020


No Revalidation of SCOMET Tech Transfer Cases in Future


Three Day Window for Export of 1 Crore Masks Opened for Aug-Sept Period


DGFT Removes Curbs on Export of Surgical Masks, Medical Coveralls

·    Restricted exports of N-95/FFP2 masks to be allowed; monthly export quota fixed at 50 lakh units


All Woven Fabrics including 25-70 GSM Freely Exportable Now, Only Melt Blow Fabrics under Prohibition


Seven Essential Food Items Including Rice, Wheat Flour, Eggs and Potatoes Freely Allowed for Exports to Maldives for 2020-21

·   River Sand and Stone Aggregates Exports Quota under Bilateral Trade Agreement through CAPEXIL Notified

·   Quota Restrictions to Apply


CFC Import Policy Amended

·   HCFC-141B Prohibited, Reporting to MoEF thru Bill of Entry Condition Inserted

·   Importers of chemicals specified at S.Nos. 1 to 15 needs to submit a copy of the Bill of Entry within 30 days to the Ozone Cell. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi.

·   For S.No. 4, Import of HCFC-141b is prohibited except for feedstock application.

·   For S.Nos. 16 to 18, Import of pre-blended polyol containing Group VI substances, including HCFC-141B, is not permitted as per Ozone Depleting Substances (Regulation and Control) Amendment Rules, 2014.


No Advance Authorisation for ‘Gold Medallions and Coins’ or ‘Gold Jewellery/Articles Manufactured by Mechanical Process’


More Time for Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati) Exports to EU under Compulsory Certification from EIA

·   EIC/EIA Requires to EU Member States such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland with immediate effect

·   EIC/EIA Mandatory to Other European Countries from 1st Jan 2021


Last Date for Filing Online Applications for PPE Medical Coverall Exports Extended to 8 Aug 2020

·    DGFT Server Breaks down so 5 Aug Missed


Export Ban Lifted on All Ventilators as Supply Far Exceeds Demand


New Tea Marketing Registration Form Introduced

MoC&I Notification dated 31.07.2020

e-CoO Platform Live from 1 Aug for COO (Country of Origin) Applications for Export to Thailand under ASEAN-India FTA


2/3 Ply Surgical Masks Exports – Online submission in Three Day Window Opening from 5 Aug to 8 Aug for Export Authorisation


Medical Goggles Export – Procedure for Export authorisation for 20 lakh Units per month

·   Three Day Window will Open from 5 Aug to 8 Aug only


Application Procedure for Diagnostic Kits Exports

·   Only Manufacturer Exporters Allowed to Apply Online for Export Authorisation through DGFT’s ECOM System

·   Already Filed Online application Need not Apply again

·   Three Day window will Open from 5 Aug to 8 Aug only


Indira Gandhi Resurrects. TV Sets Import Licensing Returns

·   Move to give Boost to 'Make in India'

·   Govt Puts Import Restrictions on Colour Television

·   High Customs Duty of 20 percent and 18/28 percent IGST

·   Big Demand for Negative List Licences for Stock and Sale Expected


Surgical Masks, Medical Goggles Shifted to Restricted from Prohibited List with Monthly Export Quota

·   Face Shields are Freely Exportable


Single Window System to be Set Up soon for Industrial Clearances and Approvals

·     Government is working on Creating a Land Bank, for which Six States have already given their Consent

MoC&I Press Release/ 27.07.2020

Export of Samples of PPE Medical Coveralls for Covid-19 Allowed

·   Exporters to Apply Online for Export Licence

·   50 Units of PPE Medical Coveralls Samples Allowed per IEC per Country


Surgical Drapes, Isolation Aprons, Surgical Wraps and X-ray Gowns Export Open

·   All Surgical Masks, PPE and Other Covid Equipments under Prohibited List


DGFT Invites Fresh Applications for Export of PPE Medical Coveralls for Covid-19

·   Applications Received from Exporters on 1 to 3 July, None Found Eligible for Allocation of Export Quota

·   Procedure Revised to Clear Improve Attraction


Power Tillers from China under Attack

·   Imports of Power Tillers and its Components, namely, Engine, Transmission, Chassis and Rotavator Virtually Prohibited

·   (Rs. 58 crs per year) Imports from will be Affected

·   Indian Farmers to Lose Access to Low Value Imports Market for Rs. 33K per piece

·   Licence to be issued for only 10% of Imports subject to Impossible Conditions (Importer must be both Manufacturer and Trader!)


Light Weight Non-woven Fabrics (25-70 gms) and Melt Blown Non -woven Fabric (other than 25-70 gsm) Export Prohibited

·    End Use based Restrictions for Masks and Coveralls Removed


BIS Standards for Retro Reflective Devices for Bicycles Notified

MoC&I Order dated 7 July 2020

Cut Flowers (Rose, Orchids, Carnations etc) Now Import Only through Chennai Airport

Notification No. 17/2015-2020 dated 9 July 2020

Plain Copier Paper under Compulsory BIS Standards

MoC&I ORDER dated 5 June 2020

Export of PPE Medical Coveralls for Covid-19 subject to a Monthly Quota of 50 lakh PPE Prohibited Policy replaced by “Restricted” Policy

·    No Relief for Parts of PPE Kits which Remain in Prohibited List


Applications Procedure for Export of PPE Medical Coveralls for Covid-19


DGFT Go-Live on 13 July for IEC relates Services

·     IEC Operations to be Suspended from 10 July to 13 July for Changeover


All Surgical Masks, PPE and other Covid Equipment Banned, Non-Surgical Masks Open


Only Online Application for COO for Exports to Asean from 22 June


HCQ is Freely Exportable Now, Ban Lifted


Radial Tyres Shifted to Restricted from Free List

·    Motor Cars, Buses and Lorries, Motor Cycles even Bicycles Tyres Covered

·    DGFT Negative List Licence required

·    No More 5 percent FTA Free Import from ASEAN

·    BIS Standard Must also be Met by Import

·    Retreaded Tyres Import is Free subject to MIP


Export of Human Embryos/ Gametes/ Gonad Tissues Free subjected to NOC from ICMR


DGFT Notifies Updated SCOMET Items


Fake Email IDs for GST Refund and Issue of IEC


DGFT Restricts 12 More Diagnostic and Lab Reagents Exports Related to Covid-19


Import of Two Lakh MT Pigeon Peas and Other Pulses from Mozambique under MOU Allowed in 2020-21


Hand Sanitizers in Containers with Dispenser Pumps Exports Prohibited

·    Hand Sanitizers in any Form or Packaging Freely Exportable


DGFT Withdraws Restriction on Paracetamol Exports – Now Freely Exportable


No Digital CoO Now for Thai and Vietnam Exports, Manual Certs Must


Non-Surgical Masks Exports Opened


Interest Equalisation Scheme for Pre and Post-shipment Rupee Export Credit Extended for One More Year to 31 Mar 2021


Silver Powder and Semi Manufacturing Import Allowed for Export under Advance Authorisation or Supply by Foreign Buyer Route


Urad Additional Import Quota of 2.5 lakh MT Extended to 31 May 2020


Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers Export Prohibited


DGFT Instructs Customs Authority to Accept Scanned Copies of the PSIC of Metal Scrap and Waste Imports for Customs Clearance


DGFT Clarifies Definition of Paper Stock Lot


Free Sale and Commerce Certificate for Drugs and Cosmetics and other Goods under Restriction to be issued on Email by Regional Officers of DGFT


Paracetamol Formulations Export Shifted to Free List, Paracetamol as such Remains Restricted

DGFT Notification No. 03 dated 17th April 2020

Urad Additional Import Quota of 2.5 lakh MT Extended by 15 Days to 15 May 2020

DGFT Trade Notice No. 04 dated 16th April 2020

DGFT Clarifies that MEIS will be Available for Another Nine Months, i.e., 31 Dec 2020

·    RoDTEP to Replace MEIS with Simultaneous Removal from MEIS

·    RoDTEP Scheme to be Notified Separately in Consultation with DoR


RPO Import Tightened, Pre Purchase Agreement Required

·   Licence Validity Cut to Six Months from 18 Months

·   No More New Licenses if Old Licence Expire

·   Strict Control on Diversion of Malaysia Oil through Nepal or Bangladesh


DGFT Lifts Ban on Export of 24 API and Formulations thereof

·   Paracetamol and its Formulations Continue under Restricted List


Certificate of Origin for Exports to ASEAN, Nepal, SAPTA and SAFTA, Sri Lanka, Japan and China (APTA) only through DGFT Website from 7 April 2020 Today

·      Only Electronic Issue Now, Hard Copy after Lifting of COVID-19 Lockdown

·      Digital Signature must for Electronic Verification


Export of Hydroxychloroquine and Formulations made from Hydroxychloroquine (Medicine for Corona Virus Affected) from SEZ/EOUs also Prohibited

·    No Protection for SEZ, Advance Authorisation Exports

·    MEA Recco to Open Exports on 25 March Overruled


Export of Diagnostic or Lab Reagents Restricted, Transitional Arrangement to Protect Past Contracts not to Apply


Digitally Signed Copies of Certificate of Origin for Export Allowed

·    India Ready to Reciprocate for Imports as Well


Registered Exporters (REX) under EU GSP

DGFT Instructs Local Users would Accept Scanned Copies of the Pre-registration Application for REG issue by 17 Local Admins Due to COVID-19 Pandemic


Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS) – Automatic Registration Number Generated Till 31 March 2020 for 60 More Days Extended


Foreign Trade Policy Amendments


RCMC Expired before 31 March 2020 will be Honoured till 30 Sept 2020


Allocate Red Sanders Export Quota by Dec 2020 end


Animal By-Products – No Production Process Certificate Required

·    Health Certificate by Export Inspection Council only


India will Issue Late Certificate of Origin for FTA Exports, Retrospective Effect Due Covid 19 Lockdown

·   Foreign Government will Issue Corresponding Notice on Reciprocal Basis to Continue FTA Concessions on its Exports to India


Hydroxychloroquine and Formulations made from Hydroxychloroquine Export Shifted to Prohibited from Free List

·    SEZ, Advance Authorisation Protected

·    Transitional Arrangements under Para 1.05 for LC cases also Protected

·    MEA Recco to Open Export Accepted


Ventilators, Sanitizers, Oxygen Therapy  and Apparatus also Shifted to Prohibited from Free List

·         No Protection of Prior Commitments under Para 1.05 of FTP


Last Date for Online Applications for 4 Lakh MT Urad Quota Extended to 15 April 2020


Export of Surgical Masks Prohibited again in less than One month

·      Ventilators join the list along with Raw Materials for Masks and Coveralls

·      Transitional Arrangements under para 1.05 protecting past contract and goods in transit not applicable

·      Ex-out Code used by DGFT for the first time listing items partially covered by HS Codes


Urad Quota of 4 Lakh Tonnes for May-March 2020-21 Released

·      Only Millers and Refiners Eligible


Online Applications to be Received in 14 Days Window


Light Naphtha, Heavy Naphtha, Full Range Naphtha and Flying Clubs Import Shifted to Free from STE List

·   Zinc Dross Import Shifted to Free subject to AU condition from Restricted List


Steps Taken by Dept of Financial Services to Disruption on Account of Corona Virus


Additional Quota of 2.5 lakh tonnes of Urad Import released on 19 Dec 2019 to be Completed by 30 April 2020


26 Drug Formulations Export Shifted from Free to Restricted List


DGFT Withdraws both Bangalore Rose and Krishnapuram Varieties Onion Export Ban w.e.f. from 15 March 2020

·    MEP of US$850 fob per MT also Goes


Online Issue of CoO under Indo-Korea CEPA for Export to Korea from India w.e.f. 6 March 2020


DGFT Clarifies Exportability of Medical Equipments War on Coronavirus – Eight More items Inserted in Free List


Physical Copies of TMA Application may be Submitted to Overcome Software Response Error; One Time Relaxation Allowed


MIP on Cashew Kernels not Apply to EOUs and SEZs


REX Exporters under EU-GSP Allowed Self Certification by Authorised Agencies Listed in Appendix 2C not Required

·   Fortnightly Statement in Format on Statement of Origin Must

·   DGFT Threatens Amendments of REX Number  if Statement not submitted or verification requested by EU not responded to within time limit

·  FAQ list of 20 Q&A Released


DGFT Lifts Ban on Export of Surgical/Disposable Masks and All Gloves

·   Ban Remains on N95 Masks, NBR Gloves, Surgical Clothing


Krishnapuram Onions 10,000 MT Quota Opened for Export for Shipment Till 31 March, 2020


Import of Stock Lot Coated Paper in Heading 4810 Prohibited


TMA Assistance for Agro Products – Deficient Application Allowed to be Corrected by 20 Feb 2020


Export of Personal Protection Equipments including Clothing and Masks Prohibited


DGFT Notifies Additional 2% Ad Hoc MEIS to Mobiles for Three Months (1 Jan to 31 Mar 2020)

·   Old Rate of 4% Restored in 2% + 2%


DGFT Wants Breakup of “Others” in HS Codes for Classification Reform


DGFT Calls for Suggestion on Including Entries under ‘Others’ Category in HS


Rice (Basmati and Non-Basmati) Exports to EU

·    Certificate of Inspection from EIC/EIA Requires to EU Member States such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

·    Certificate of Inspection from EIC/EIA Mandatory to Other European Countries from 1st July, 2020


Desiccated Coconut below Rs 150 per kg Prohibited. Free Policy for Others Continues


RBD Palm Oil and Palmolein Import Shifted from Free to Restricted List


Import Policy Changes in ITC (HS) Schedule-I to Align with Finance (No.2) Act, 2019 Implemented w.e.f. 1 Jan 2020


Additional Quota of 2.5 Lakh tonnes for Urad Import Released

·    Corrigendum to Trade Notice 44/2019-2020 dated 26.12.2019 – The word "millers/ traders" is rectified as "millers/ refiners"


Additional Quota of 2.5 Lakh tonnes for Urad Import Released

·   Corrigendum to Trade Notice 42/2019-2020 dated 19.12.2019 – HS Code Corrected to 0713 31 10 from 0713 31 90


Additional Quota of 2.5 Lakh tonnes for Urad Import Released

·   Online Applications will be received between 20.12.2019 to 31.12.2019

·   Successful Applicants will have to Ensure that the Import Consignments of Urad Reaches the Indian Ports on or before 31.03.2020


Commerce Ministry Invites Online Applications from Millers and Refiners for Urad Import Quota Allocation


Minister Imposes Complete Ban on Peas Import

·   MIP of Rs. 200 per kg Slapped with Port Restriction to Only Kolkata

·   Trade says Landed Price will be in Range of Pistachios after 50% Duty

·   Goods in Transit Backed by LC will be protected through Transition Provision of Para 1.05 of FTP, Others cannot cleared even by Fine and Penalty


Commerce Takes Over Gold Import Policy from RBI whose Monopoly Over Currency is Diluted


DGFT Tightens Gifts Import Policy


Issue of CoO for India­ Nepal FTAs under SAFTA and SAPTA to start from 18 Dec 2019


Import Policy Changes in ITC(HS) Schedule I to Align with Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019 – Effect of the Changes will be Notified Later

·   Implementation Date of Finance Act Fifth Schedule Amendments not yet Notified by the Dept of Revenue


Toy Imports will be Cleared by Customs but Market Sales not Allowed till Successful Test at NABL Lab


DGFT Asks Customs to Speedily Clear Imported Onions


DGFT Weeds Out 31,246 Incorrect Import Export Code and Multiple IEC with Same PAN

·    IEC Holders in Black List Asked to Make Written Submissions to Correct Mistakes

·    15 Dec 2019 Last Date for Correction


Implementation Date of SIMS Registration Extended by Three Weeks to 21.11.2019