WTO Forum 2011 19-21 September 2011 at Geneva

Meeting at WTO on South Asia and World Food Prices

1.     Abstract of Session

2.     Background and Issues

3.     Rice to Reach 2008 Price by December 2011

4.     Inflation Adjusted World Prices Rise 50% in 10 Years

5.     WTO DG Pascal Lamy on World Trade in Food

6.     Low Price Non Basmati Indian Rice Holds the Key to Food Security in Africa, South Asia

7.     Rice Trade in the Globe (XLS)

8.     India has Sufficient Rice Supply for the Domestic Consumer, 9.13 mn tonnes Surplus Projected in 2026 Per Capita Demand to Fall by 8 kg per year

9.     Rice Exports Ban 54 Policy Changes in the Four Year Period by Indian Government

10.  Staple Food Prices in Vulnerable Countries Maize and Wheat Double in Q2-2011 Over 2010

11.  National Hoarding in Price Rise of 2007

12.  World Bank Commodity Prices on Rice Monthly (XLS)

13.  World Bank Commodity Prices on Rice Quarterly (XLS)

14.  World Bank Commodity Prices on Rice Annual (XLS)

15.  Food Security and Stability in South Asia

Food Security

India Notifies WTO of 415bn Agri Subsidy in 2003-04

WFP Asks for Buffer Stocks to Help 70 Low Income Food Deficit Countries

Food Safety and Standards Act come into force from 5 August