PSF to Face Safeguard Action in US

[ABS News Service/10.07.2024]

The International Trade Commission vote unanimously yesterday to prepare recommendations for the President on possible safeguard measures to be imposed on imports of fine denier polyester staple fiber.

Commissioners agreed that imports of the fiber are flooding the US market at such a pace to cause serious injury to domestic producers.

The fiber is used in many industries, including apparel, home furnishings and industrial products. It can be used for knit, woven and non-woven applications.

Imports of the product from Canada and Mexico do not account for a substantial share of total imports, according to the ITC’s findings. In addition, imports from countries with which the United States has a free trade agreement are not a substantial cause of serious injury.

As a result of yesterday’s decision, the Commission will move to the remedy phase of the import safeguard investigation.

A public hearing is planned for July 23. The Commission will submit its report on its injury determination and remedy recommendations to the President by August 26.

The President will make the final decision about whether to provide relief to the US industry and the kind of relief to be provided.

The safeguard investigation was launched in February as the result of a petition filed by Fiber Industries LLC d/b/a Darling Fibers, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation America and Sun Fiber LLC.