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BIGs Easy Reference
Customs Tariff with IGST, Import Policy, FTA
for Imports-Exports
48th Budget Edition Feb 2024; Edited by Arun Goyal & Asim Goyal

ISBN: 978-81-86234-84-6; p.2100 (Aprx.) Rs. 3600

[The Three Kilo Book is now in Two Parts for Easy Handling (Part I: Jumbo Notification, IGST+Prelim, Ch 1 to 71 and Part II: Ch 72 to 98*, FTAs, Export Tariff, Export Policy Product and Notification Index]


Jumbo Customs with New Expiry Date for conditional end use cases

New IGCR Rules 2022

New Valuation Rules

In Each Tariff Line:

RoDTEP Rates

BCD + SWS + IGST + AIDC = Total Duty

Import Policy

FTA Coverage

Re-Imports and Re-Exports

Project Imports and Baggage Rules

Export Tariffs and Export Policy

New FTAs Ind-AUS ECTA and UAE CEPA included

Origin Rules CAROTAR 2020

FTA with India destination country

Product Index

Notification Index



BIGs Easy Reference
Customs Manual with Customs Act, Non Tariff Barriers, ICEGATE

6th Edn. Feb 2024; Edited by Arun Goyal & Asim Goyal

ISBN: 978-81-86234-85-3; p.992 (Aprx.) Rs. 1490


  Updated Customs Act, 1962 and its 161 Sections

  Customs Rules and Procedures with Official Commentary, Port Trade Notices


  Faceless Assessment under Turant Customs Scheme, CAROTAR 2020, ICEGATE, e-SANCHIT

  Sec. 65 Customs Bond Manufacturing MOOWR

  Sea Cargo Manifest and Transshipment Regulations, 2018

  Courier Imports and Exports Regulations, 1998

  Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

  COFEPOSA Act 1974

  New Warehousing Regulations

  Non-Tariff Barriers (BIS, CRO, FSSAI,
San Permit, Labeling etc.)

  Hazardous Wastes Rules

  E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016

  Exchange Control Imports, Money Laundering


BIGs Easy Reference
New Drawback + RoDTEP + RoSCTL Rates

New Drawback + RoDTEP + RoSCTL
Brand Rate Fixation
GST Refund
FAQs and Answers
Amendment Trail with each entry
Email Updates Every Evening by Daily Index of Changes

5th Edition Nov 2023; Edited by Arun Goyal & Asim Goyal

ISBN: 978-81-86234-83-9; p.800 Rs. 1650


Part I

BIGs Easy Reference
(Import Export Policy)

Import-Export Policy
Updated 2023 Customs Notifications, ANFs and Appendices
E-commerce Procedures and Incentives
Rupee Payments
Third Country Merchanting Trade
Online Procedures
Amnesty Scheme for Export Obligation Default

Part II


SEZ Act & Rules and New DESH Bill for SEZ Enlargement, Draft DESH Bill
Duty Free Imports and Exports under Customs Bond
GST Refund on Exports
Goods under Import Restriction
List of Goods under Export Incentives (RoDTEP and RoSCTL Rates)
RBI Exchange Control Rules for Import and Export

5th Edition April 2023; Edited by Arun Goyal & Asim Goyal

ISBN: 978-81-86234-82-2; p.1440 Rs. 2150



BIGs Easy Reference
New Import and Export Policy of Individual Items

Revised ITC(HS) 2022 8 Digit HS Codes (Notified on 9 Feb 2022) with Current Import Policy, Customs Tariff and Export Incentive Rate
July 2022 Edition; Edited by Arun Goyal

ISBN: 978-81-86234-79-2; p.1200 (Aprx.) Rs. 1450

  Customs and IGST Notifications Text Updated as on 1 July 2022

  Import Policy All Chapter 1 to 98

Revised HS Codes

Item Description

Import Policy

Basic Duty

RoDTEP Rates + RoSCTL for Textiles

Cap (Rs. Per UQC)

  Export Policy, Negative(-Ve) and Export Tariff



Edited by Arun Goyal

4h Edn. Aug-Sept 2021
Rs. 1390/-

BIGs Easy Reference


PART II-A - Export Incentives

New RoDTEP Rates New RoSCTL Rates

MEIS Rates Current Drawback Rates

TMA Scheme GST Refund

Part II-B - New PLI (Production Linked Incentive) Scheme

Electronic Industry IT Hardware

White Goods Telecom and Networking

Battery Storage Drug and Medical Devices

Pharma Food Processing

Auto Parts Sector Specialty Scheme

Part I (Another Book) New foreign Trade Policy 2021
New FTP Provisions, Handbook of Procedure



In this memoir, Hari Singh revisits his university years and life as a civil servant. He goes on to describe how he made his way into the legal profession. He tells us how his employment at the High Commission of India in London helped him to complete his legal education. In Looking Back With Delight Hari reveals what happened after his arrival in Britain.

Throughout his in-depth narrative, Hari gives us an insight into his professional and very caring approach to his clients, professional colleagues and friends. Haris values, priorities and his approach to life in general come through clearly.

Hari compellingly relates the story of how he eventually reached the top of the legal profession. The extraordinary determination and hard work behind his seemingly unimpeded success become obvious.

The chapter on his mother where he talks about his mums affection while bringing him up, and the way her untimely demise affected his life, is unique and without doubt it would make an impact on any reader.

Haris care for the community at large emerges strongly through his attitude to people in need. The book highlights the crucial role of the media in bringing about greater equality and improved social justice for all.

The chapter titled No Man Is an Island demonstrates the all-round approach taken by the author. Hari thinks that everyone should get involved in politics to make democracy meaningful and also to bring minorities from the margins to the mainstream in Britain. He generously shares many important aspects of his experience in the UK and how it has transformed his life over the years.

In this candid tour around the mind and the achievements of a lawyer, Hari looks back on a life lived with delight. Despite ups and downs, he learned to face his challenges head on with courage. Looking Back With Delight will take you from laughter to tears, with the message that one should continue with ones struggle until the goal is reached.

With 68 pages of coloured and black and white illustrations.


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