Guidelines on Putting up of a Boundary Wall

[Ref: SEZ Circular No. 25 dated 16 July 2009]

Subject: Guidelines regarding “putting up of a boundary wall”.

F.No. C.8/3/2009-SEZ dated 16 July 2009

The undersigned is directed to enclose herewith guidelines regarding putting up of boundary wall as per the decision taken in the 33rd meeting of the Board of Approvals held on 02.06.2009 for information and necessary action.

(Annexure to Instruction No. 25)

Norms for Boundary Walls

In this context, the Board decided to prescribe the following norms for boundary walls:-

A.   In respect of IT/ITES SEZs, the height of the wall will be decided by the DC

B.   In respect of other SEZs, the wall could either be 2.4 meters in height or 1.8 meters in height plus 0.6 meters of barbed wire fencing.

C.   For any deviations, the proposals can be referred to BoA for a decision.