Special Economic Zones (SEZs)


Interim Relief to SEZ units in Lease Rent on Account of COVID-19 Outbreak

Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006 Amended

International Finance Centre excluded from SEZ Rules, SEBI and IRDA Special Rules to Apply

Revamp of SEZ Policy to Meet Challenges Faced by Exporters

    Commerce & Industry Minister Reviews Implementation of Recommendations of Baba Kalyani Committee on SEZ

Amendments in SEZ Rules 2006 All Notified SEZs are Now Deemed to be Multi Sector SEZs

    Minimum Built-up area Requirement Halved, thus minimum for Category A Moved down to 50K sq.mts from 100K sq.mts

    Services Broad Banded to Include Financial Trading, Consultancy and Architect Services

No 30 Year Bar for Expiry of Lease Period in SEZs, Lease Validity Depends upon Duration of Lease Deed

      Instructions are applicable to SEZs which are not owned by the Government of India

New Land must be Contiguous with Existing Land for Notification or Denotification of SEZ, Physical Inspection by Development Commissioner must, Orders Commerce Ministry

Competent Authority Approval for Single Letter of Approval (LoA) for Eligible Plain and/or Studded Jewellery Based on Applications received by Gem & Jewellery Units

Dept of Commerce Approval Required for Shifting/relocating of SEZ Units from One SEZ to Another SEZ Units

    No Dues Certificate and Consent Letter from Existing Developer Must

Check Contiguity Aspect while Sanctioning Denotification of SEZ Unit, DoC Orders Field Commissioners

Speedy Disposal Track for All SEZs on References Made by Exporters Interim Reply to be given within 15 Days

No 30 Year Bar for Expiry of Lease Period in SEZs, Lease Validity Depends upon Duration of Lease Deed

Procedure for Disposal of Unclaimed Cargo from Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZs) and SEZs

      Sec 48 of CA 1962 to Apply, Unit to be de facto Owner of Unclaimed cargo

Selections in Field Posts in SEZs do not Require Official from Dept of Commerce in Delhi

Special Economic Zones Rules 2006 Revised

      Renewal of Letter of Approval Criteria Leberalised, Trade Record Substituted for Promise Performance

      Work from Home in SEZ Revised

      Sale of Services in DTA against Forex Included in Export Performances

      Annual Performance Report Format Revised, Services Import Included in Import Outflow

      Cost Accountant Allowed to Certify Performance in Addition to CA

      Value Addition in case to case basis before general requirement of positive forex earning

Transfer of Units from One SEZ to Another Only Through Department of Commerce and Not Thru BoA - Clarification

Gem and Jewellery Goods for Job Works Outside SEZ Must Return within 45 Days

Membership of EPCES must for All SEZ Units

Customs, Excise and Service Tax Matters in SEZ as well as Audit

Powers in SEZ Shifted to Customs and Excise Administration from Development Commissioners

SEZ Employees Allowed to Work from Home

Brand rate Reimbursement in SEZ Cases

No Deviation from SEZ Act and Rules for Partial De-notification in SEZs

   Procedure and check List for Ministry Approval in SEZ Cases

Removal Goods for Repairs, Testing etc. from SEZ to DTA Allowed on Self Attestation Basis

SEZ Allowed Dual Use of Duty Paid Non Processing Area for Housing (25%) and Commercial (10%) Area Lease Sale Permitted

Service Received in SEZ for Authorised Operations Exempted under Refund

SEZ Reform Measures Listed

SEZ Vessels Allowed to Handle Oil Spill

Guidelines for Nomination of Members of SEZ Authority

FTWZ Unit can Provide Sector Specific Service to any other SEZ

SEZ Units to Furnish Form A-3 on Service Tax Every Quarter to Jurisdictional Supdt of Central Excise

Sub-contracting by Very Large SEZs Units in DTA Units Allowed for Three Years

Rent a Cab and SEZ Online Services Supply to SEZs in List of 58 for Automatic Service Tax Exemption

Sub-contracting by Very Large SEZs Units in DTA Units Allowed for Three Years

Rent a Cab and SEZ Online Services Supply to SEZs in List of 58 for Automatic Service Tax Exemption

Govt Eases Land Requirement Norms for Special Economic Zones

Reimbursement of Duty in Lieu of Drawback in Partial Cenvat Credit Cases

SEZ Rules Incorporating Amendments upto July, 2010

SEZ Rules 2006 Amendments Classification of Cities

Amendments in SEZ Rules 2006

State SEZ Bills Clearance by the Centre

Prior Approval from DC Must for Moving Second Hand Capital Goods from DTA to SEZs

SEZ Developer too can Move Used Packing Material to DTA without Duty

CBEC Circular on Withdrawal of Refund Procedure for Service Inputs to SEZs

To Pay Refund Procedure for Service Inputs to SEZs Withdrawn

Guidelines on Transfer of In-principle Approval Issued from SEZ Developer to its Subsidiary

Guidelines on Grant of Extension of Validity of In-principle Approvals

Board of Approvals Must be taken by Promoter for Decrease of Shareholding below 51%

Request for Change in Area of SEZs

Guidelines on Putting up of a Boundary Wall

No State Agency Inside SEZ without DC Approval

Ministry of Commerce/SEZ Administration is the Sole Authority for SEZ Issues

Import of Jewellery and its Remaking is an Authorised Manufacturing Activity by SEZ Units

NSDL to Develop Online Project for SEZ

Development Commissioner to Comment on SEZ Project Applications in Parallel Mode

List of Authorised Operations in SEZs Considered as Automatically Approved

Hazardous Waste Rules to Apply in SEZs

NFE Calculation for SEZs in Rupee Term Only, Says MoC

DCs Must Decide Proposals for Authorized Operations in SEZs on their Own

Procedure for Seeking Clarification on Policy Issues by DoC

Special Economic Zone Authority Rules, 2009

SEZ Units can Export and Import Prohibited or Restricted Goods Prior Approval of BOA Must

Authorised Operations in SEZs Considered as Automatically Approved

Washing of Imported Scrap in SEZ is Ok

Guidelines on Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)

Form F Procedure for Gems and Jewellery Unit in SEZ

BoA Approval not Required for Broad-Banding from Software to Hardware in IT Park

Follow 7 Day Week in All SEZs

Allowing of Authorised Employees of IT/ITES Units in SEZ to Work from Home

Search Investigation and Inspection Powers in SEZ

IT Units in DTA can Carry out their Job Work in SEZ Units

FTWZ Units can Hold Goods on Behalf of Foreign Supplier under Rule 18(5) of SEZ Rules, 2006

SEZ Rules Make Earlier Circulars Superfluous

Procedure for Removal of Goods to Bonded Warehouse in SEZ under 46(13) of SEZ Rules

SEZ Decisions

Prohibited Items Import and Export in SEZ Allowed with Prior Approval of Board

Minimum Area for Textiles and Textiles Article Reduced to 38 Hectors in Gujarat for Setting up SEZ Units

MoC Instructions for Electronic Payment of Duty for Removal of Goods by SEZ Units

Transfer of Capital Goods from STPI to SEZ Units

Guidelines on Energy Conservation in SEZs

Rule 47(3) of SEZ Rules Covering Duty on Sale of Power from SEZ to DTA in Abeyance w.e.f. 6.9.2010

Guidelines for Development of Special Economic Zones(SEZs)

Guidelines to Regulate Used Plastics and Textile Materials in SEZ Units

Clarifications on Operational Issues to IT SEZs Policy

Trading Only in Zone Goods Allowed in Sector Specific SEZs

Clarification on Execution of Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking by SEZ Units

Amendments in SEZ Rules 2006 Progress Review Every Six Months

Commerce Ministry Orders 100% Inspection of used Clothing Sale from SEZ to DTA

Power Generated in SEZs Allowed for Sale within SEZ at Zero Duty

Prior Contracts to be Protected in FTWZ Trading, Restriction on DTA Sale in Sector Specific Zones to Come into Effect from Contracts Concluded After 12.11.2010

SEZ Port Codes Notified for 24 SEZ Ports

Development Commissioners of SEZs should Handle their Own Court Cases

New Guidelines for Power Generation in SEZs