WTO Launches Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal for Accessing Trade Policy Information

The WTO has developed a new application that will allow users to access via one portal all trade policy information notified to the WTO by its members. Known as the Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP), the new application will encompass tariffs, non-tariff measures and related trade statistics.

In its current version, access is limited to WTO members only. However, I-TIP will also be made available to the public via a user-friendly interface, making it an extremely useful tool for governments, the private sector, academia and the public at large. “This new application reinforces the WTO’s role as the depository of trade intelligence,” said Director-General Pascal Lamy.

I-TIP will allow the user to see all non-tariff measures (i.e. policy measures, other than tariffs, that can potentially affect trade in goods) introduced by WTO members for one or more products over a particular timeframe, as chosen by the user. It also provides access to the tariff rates and import flows for the same products for which non-tariff measures, such as anti-dumping measures, have been notified. Over time, measures related to services and intellectual property rights will also be added to I-TIP.